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Hi! I'm Andre. I'm a senior double major in Political Science and Spanish at Butler and I'll be graduating in 2014.

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Music Monday: Snow Won’t Stop

So all on the news, there is nothing but talk about the snow and cold. I even had a hard time trying to shovel the driveway because the snow was so frozen! I basically needed a pickaxe! I’ll have to try for round two later! I shoveled enough to get out the driveway so I could go grab Starbucks. Needless to say, I got stuck trying to drive back into my driveway and had to shovel myself out. Twas embarrassing.

In honor of the never ending cold, I’ve decided to dedicate today’s Music Monday to Sevyn Streeter and her song “It Won’t Stop.” It helps that I like the song and it’s awkwardly appropriate for the weather.

YouTube Preview Image

Top 7 Reasons I Love Being At Butler

1. Academics: Academics are definitely a high priority at Butler, which I think has helped me tremendously in job searching/applying to graduate schools.

2. Opportunities: Going to Butler has given me a ton of opportunities I may not have had going to other schools. For example, I will be interning in Washington, D.C. next semester at the Capitol Building in the Senate all thanks to connections made at Butler.

3. Big City Life: Butler is only a 15 minute drive from downtown Indy and a 10 minute drive from Broad Ripple which means things are always exciting and lively and close to so many things happening in the city!

4. Community Atmosphere: One of the unique things about Butler is that it is small enough so that you know most people on campus but large enough where you don’t ever feel lonely. At times, it seems like one big community on campus.

5. Starbucks: Starbucks being right in the middle of campus has gotten me through a ton of long days until my flex dollars have run out.

6. Relationships: I’ve made so many friends and met so many new people while being at Butler that I wouldn’t trade for the world! Plus, all of the organizations and clubs on campus have led me to even branch out into the city working with people not on campus and trying new things.

7. Blue 3: Self-explanatory. Just watch this video:

YouTube Preview Image

8. Butler Basketball (Bonus)The never disappointing basketball team definitely make campus lively and brings out the school spirit in everyone.

New Identities

So I get bored easily so one of the things I take my frustrations out on is the Starbucks on campus. Normally at Starbucks when you get a drink they ask you for a name on the cup so they can give you the correct drink on the other side of the store. So since I’ve caught on that you don’t have to provide your real name, I’ve been taking this opportunity to adopt a plethora of new identities!

My favorite go-to identities are Barack Obama and Beyoncé but there are others I use as well. It’s always so funny to hear “Venti water for Barack Obama” and it’s hilarious to see people’s reactions when they hear the name and see me walking up to get my cup. I keep running out of ideas but I can’t wait to use more identities in the upcoming weeks!

My latest identity!

Founder’s Day

Yesterday was Founder’s Day on campus and it was actually pretty fun! There were different celebrations on campus commemorating Ovid Butler‘s, Butler’s founder’s, birth. There were cupcakes in Atherton, letter readings in Starbucks, and other events on campus. The event I went to was a portrait unveiling and talk from a direct descendant of Ovid Butler.

The speaker talked about interesting facts about Butler’s life and the university’s beginnings. For example, I learned that when Butler first opened it was a Christian university and that Ovid Butler was a strict abolitionist and strived for diversity and inclusivity in the university from day one. I also learned that the first black female to graduate college in Indiana was at Butler. It was so cool to hear these things about campus that I didn’t even know before as a junior.

The Founder's Day talk in Irwin Library

Nice Residents

On Friday night, my faculty in residence took about 25 people from our wing in our residence hall to see the Nutcracker for free! She had snacks and food in her apartment before the performance and then I walked over with my residents to see the ballet. It was such a great performance and it was nice recognizing people I knew in the ballet.

Yesterday, as I was minding my business in my room, I got a knock at my door from some of my residents bearing gifts for me! It was so nice since I wasn’t expecting it! Aly gave me a Santa Claus  sticky and wrote me a nice letter while Tammy got me a scarf and bear from Starbucks. I’m glad they thought of me enough to get me a gift!

Posing with my gifts!

Final Day To Almost Freedom

Today is the last day of classes before finals and I’m super excited. One of my classes for today was canceled so today got a little more exciting! But then I realized I still have to give a presentation in my Research class so the excitement subsided a little. I’m so nervous to present! I’m sure I’ll do fine since I’ve been practicing but it’s still hard to get over those nerves!

Since finals don’t start until Wednesday, Tuesday is wide open. So I’ve decided to start moving some of the stuff I don’t use home. It feels so weird to say that I’m starting to move out of my room already. It’ll be even weirder because next week I’ll be half way done with college! :o I’m not ready to leave just yet!! I’m going to have to make the most of the next two years as it seems like these two have just flown by!

Last week when I went to Starbucks one night, there was a mini concert going on! I've yet to find out who was playing.

Instagram Madness

I just so happened to be creeping on Kim Kardashian’s Twitter the other day and she recommended this site called Instagram. I decided to try it out and I’m OBSESSED! It is a site that allows you to edit photos and add effects to make them really cool. I’m currently addicted to it and have edited all the photos in my phone. I’m basically the next Annie Leibovitz.

While I’ve been obsessing over Instagram, I’ve also been trying to kick off another addiction. Starbucks. I had Starbucks every day last week and have been trying to ween myself off. I made it through today without it and the headaches have been horrific! But, it’s nothing a couple of Aspirin can’t fix! I’ve been going strong for three days now so hopefully I’ll be off of it for good!

Here's a cool Instagram photo I made! I feel so professional!



Scared to Sleep

So this weekend was Homecoming and it was extremely fun! I went to the parade and went to the football game. The team was losing at half time which was disappointing but at least I got to see who won King and Queen!

Here’s a Homecoming video where VP Johnson gives free Starbucks to everyone in line at Starbucks:

YouTube Preview Image

After halftime I left and went to finish working on a ten page paper I have to write for my media literacy class! D: But, it was actually not as bad as I thought it would be and I finished in time to go eat at Olive Garden with some friends. Then we went to see Paranormal Activity 3.

Let me start by saying it may have been the scariest/freakiest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m easily scared which may have something everything to do with it but it was still pretty scary. I’ve never seen the other two movies but I still enjoyed it. Though it was a good movie, I was still scared to go to sleep afterwards!

It’s a Miracle!

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I developed a terrible sore throat over the weekend. Also yesterday I started coughing and getting a runny nose too! It was quite the crisis. But, needless to say, when I woke up this morning all my symptoms were gone! I have my theories but I think it might be due to the fact that I  got cold medicine and have been drinking Calm tea from Starbucks with honey non-stop!

In my Converged Journalism course we each have to film media projects with a partner and help them film their interviews. This afternoon, I’ll be helping my partner film for her interview with Coach Brad Stevens. I think it’ll be great and exciting to hear what he has to say! I’ve never met him before so it will definitely be a great experience.

Since we’re talking about basketball, here’s a funny video talking to different players on the team!

YouTube Preview Image

Sore Throats Stink

Today is the third day I’ve had a sore throat. It’s weird because I’ve never really had a sore throat before! Hopefully it is gone by tomorrow. I’ve been drinking tea from Starbucks with honey so I’m sure it’ll go away soon. :) I also heard that gargling salt water helps too but I think I’ll pass!

Despite my life-threatning illness, I am excited because this week is free speech week and the Collegian has set up a stand in Starbucks to raise awareness of the freedom of speech and to talk about its importance. Hopefully I can find time to sit at the table to help.  The Collegian staff even made a video demonstrating the importance of the freedom of speech and press. I can’t wait to see the finished product!

Here’s the PSA for last year’s free speech week.

YouTube Preview Image