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Hi! I'm Andre. I'm a senior double major in Political Science and Spanish at Butler and I'll be graduating in 2014.

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Spring Break Is Over

Much to my dismay, Spring Break 2013 is over. Although I didn’t do too much exciting besides homework and a bit of shopping, I’d much rather lay around my house doing homework than coming back to school and doing homework. But I’m still happy to be back! I actually arrived yesterday just so I could print all the papers I did over break and to get settled in before everyone else and, most importantly, get a good parking spot. I’m very protective over my parking spots so that means more to me than it does to most people.

When I got here yesterday, I finished some of my homework, went to Whole Foods (of course), and to get new pants at H&M. It was just so nice to get out and do something since no one was on campus yet so it was pretty boring just sitting in my room. Thankfully, people are trickling back in today so I can have some kind of human contact!

There are cars in the parking lot! People are here!


On my first day back home for Spring Break, I decided to see a movie with my friend since elementary school, Hayley! She informed me that there was a new Disney movie called Oz The Great and Powerful so we went to see it! The theatre was extremely packed to see the movie so luckily we got there early to get great heckling seats since we both enjoy making snide comments about movies together. Yes, we’re those people….

The movie starred James Franco as Oz. It also starred Mila Kunis as one of the evil witches. It is before Dorothy arrives and tells the backstory as to how Oz got his rule over the Emerald City. The plot and storyline were very creative and the cinematography was spectacular. I really enjoyed the movie. Although I have a vendetta against movies longer than 1 hour and 30 minutes, I still enjoyed this 2 hour movie. Needless to say we got irritated looks for giggling and laughing the whole time but it was a great movie, nonetheless! I highly recommend seeing it.

YouTube Preview Image

Live From Chicago

I spent my whole day in Chicago yesterday visiting my friend Hayley. It was definitely a fun way of ending my Spring Break.

When I first got there, I had to get out of my car and let Hayley take the wheel because there was only one parking spot at her dorm and it was a really tight parallel spot. In case I haven’t mentioned it before, I am completely incapable of parking properly. After it took her for what it seems like 15 minutes to get in the spot, we decided to walk around and see all the people dressed in green since it was St. Patrick’s Day. I forgot to wear green but thankfully no one pinched me!

After we walked around, Hayley had a dance receital with her dance team from Loyola at UIC so I went with her there. It was really fun seeing the team perform and might attend another of their performances next month! After the competition we all went to McDonald’s and then walked back to her dorm where we spent the rest of the night telling funny stories of the summer before!

It ended up being a really fun day and it made me more excited about summer since the weather has been so nice lately!

Here's the team on stage during their performance

My Strange Addiction

I am addicted to shopping. I am also addicted to eating cottage cheese, but that’s another story in itself!

Yesterday, my friend Maisie and I went shopping! It was early in the morning so no one was at the mall so there was more room for us! She didn’t buy anything but of course I purchased everything in sight! I needed some new shoes and a spring jacket so at least some of the items were necessities!

After a long day of shopping, I realized that I ran out of cottage cheese at home and rewarded myself by stopping by Target and buying some! Sure, it’s a weird reward but whatever! As I was about to leave Target, I saw that the new One Direction album had just come out. As you saw in my previous post I’m on a new weird teeny bopper phase so I couldn’t resist buying it! I’ve been jamming out ever since. Gosh I’m going to miss days like these once classes start again!

As you can tell, I was excited to get my new CD!

Country Tween

Spring Break has been amazing so far and I’ve spent it so far by doing nothing all day around my house! Though it may sound boring, I’ve been enjoying it very much! I’ve also had loads of time to watch television and develop new obsessions.

One of my newest obsessions is the band Big Time Rush. Though their fan base mostly consists of 12 year old girls, I happened to stumble upon their Nickelodeon show the other day and I’m now addicted! Judge me all ya want! I’m probably going through a midlife crisis since my birthday is in less than a month and I hate growing up! If I could, I would stay in college FOREVER!

I have also started watching CMT and I am starting to like country music! Of course I’ve always loved Carrie Underwood but now I’m being introduced to tons of other artists I’m starting to like, including Blake Shelton. I already knew him from watching The Voice but now I’ve begun listening to his music and I like it! Hopefully this isn’t like my other phases that usually last a week!

Here’s the music video to Carrie’s new song that I’ve been listening to alllll day!

YouTube Preview Image


Home Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

I’m FINALLY home! I arrived last night since I don’t have Friday classes. Since I was already home just a matter of days ago, it sort of feels the same. I, sadly, still have not snapped out of the waking up early for classes mood yet but don’t worry, I’ll get there eventually! For right now, I’m more excited about being able to eat some good home-cooked food!

Last night to celebrate being home, I decided to watch Jersey Shore. I saw that Snooki is pregnant so I wanted to watch her antics this season. This is the first episode I’ve watched this season since the third so you would think that I’ve missed a lot. But no, it’s the same antics, different episode. I got so bored after just 15 minutes that I turned my TV off and went to bed. I think I’m officially done watching the Shore and am instead looking forward to Snooki and JWOWW’s spinoff show! She’s the only reason I watch J-Shore so I’m excited for her own show!

Here’s a song thats gotten be in the mood for being home

YouTube Preview Image