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Hi! I'm Andre. I'm a senior double major in Political Science and Spanish at Butler and I'll be graduating in 2014.

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Wet Christmas

Break has been wonderful so far! I can literally say I have done nothing but eat, sleep, and watch television every day so far which is exactly how I like it! I’ve also been able to catch up on all the episodes of Fear Factor I’ve missed this season! I’ve also developed a new strange love for UFC. I’ve been watching it nonstop and I even bought the 100 Best UFC fights of all time on DVD as an early Christmas present to myself!

I also found out that I’m going to be assistant sports editor for the Collegian next semester, which probably explains my new UFC obsession! I’m really excited since sports is a new world to me so it’ll be interesting to see how I do at my new position. I’ve been watching ESPN daily to try to catch myself up on the latest sports news!

The best thing about break has been the fact that it hasn’t snowed and has been raining instead! I have mixed emotions toward snow. I only enjoy it when it has the potential to cancel classes and school but other than that, I’d prefer not to be bothered! I hate slipping on ice and having to clean off my car! Maybe I’ll get lucky and not have a terrible winter like last year!

YouTube Preview Image

^This is the only thing that would make me slightly enjoy the snow and cold weather!

Noah’s Ark

It has been raining for the past couple of days and JUST HASN’T STOPPED! Today I made the mistake of leaving my dorm without my umbrella and have been getting wet ever since. I’m currently drying my wet feet in my room in front of my lamp! Hopefully I’ll get warm and toasty soon!!!

It’s weird to think classes are ending in less than two weeks. It seems like the semester just started! I just got off of Thanksgiving break and now I’m looking forward to winter break! Well, I’m looking forward to everything except the cold and snow. I saw on the news that it is supposed to snow today so I’m hoping winter doesn’t come too early!!

Right before break started, my friend Jill, who goes to IU, came and visited Indianapolis to go to a local antiques shop! I stopped by and we had fun picking out different items! I almost got these authentic cowboy boots for $20 but decided against it as I don’t have anything to wear them with. I ended up not getting anything but I plan to go back another day when I’ll have more time to look around and find something I want/need!

This is me and Jill's roommate Kelly! Disregard the funny faces!



Where’s the Turkey!?

A week from today I will be on my way home for Thanksgiving break! I cannot wait for that day to come! I have been so busy that I will need the break. Hopefully next week goes by fast! I am excited to be able to go home and visit my family, relax in my bed, and EAT!

Something unexpected that happened today was that it started to snow. Though I used to love it when I was younger, I really dislike the snow! It just makes everything unnecessarily cold and slippery! I’m not liking it one bit! Winter definitely came fast this year! Hopefully we don’t get another ice storm like last year (except if it cancels classes for three days again!). I successfully managed not to fall and slip on the ice last year and I plan to do the same this year.

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share a Michael Bublé video! I want it to snow only if it means a class cancelation will be in my near future!!

YouTube Preview Image

Snow Day Part Two

So we got TWO days off for the weather. It was fun to say the least. I maneuvered my way over to get breakfast this morning and since it was early I also got first dibs on the machines in the laundry room. I can proudly say that I didn’t fall! Then I read my book for my Civil War FYS class. Hopefully, and doubtfully, we can get another snow day tomorrow!

I can’t wait until the weekend. Hopefully the roads will be clear enough for me to go to the mall. I am in desperate need of a new sweater! I am also in need of new snow boots!

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Random Song of the Day: “Kiss From a Rose” by Seal

Random Photo of the Day:

On my way back from breakfast! You can see Phi Delt in the distance.

Snow Day!

Because of the extreme winter weather, today campus is closed! I was beginning to think that we would never get one but it’s finally here. It’s good because I was supposed to have a Spanish test today.

My day will now consist of laying under the covers and watching TV. I did my homework last night so I can just relax. More snow/ice is supposed to be on the way so hopefully classes will be canceled tomorrow too.

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Random Song of the Day: “Heads Will Roll” by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Random Photo of the Day:

My friend Joanna who works in the bookstore. She got to record the message telling callers that the store is closed!

Unnecessary Amount of Snow

When I woke up this morning to get breakfast, it was snowing. After two of my classes today, it’s still snowing! I guess it’s nice for now to look at but hopefully it stops soon because I plan on driving to IUPUI tomorrow to visit my friend. It just won’t be fun to clean off but I got some new gloves so I’ll manage! :)

My Spanish group has an assignment to use vocab words and put them to the tune of a song. We chose “Bad Romance” and thought we had to perform it today. But, the teacher decided to give us until Tuesday which is good because it gives us more time to practice (It’s hard learning random lyrics to a song in another language)!

Random Song of the Day: “Secrets” by One Republic

Random Photo of the Day:

The wonderful sight I got to see on the way to class this morning!

Getting work done!

So the semester hasn’t even started yet but I already have an assignment! For my literature class I have to write about 250-500 words about “movement.” I actually like this assignment! For one it isn’t that long of an assignment and, since I’m a Journalism major, I love writing!

I picked up my books for the next semester and I’m excited to get into these new books. The one that looks most interesting is called “The Man Who Was Thursday” by G.K. Chesterton. It’s only 120 pages so that’s definitely appealing!

Random Song of the Day: “Crash Into Me” by Dave Matthews Band

Random Photo of the Day:

This is the view of Atherton Union from my dorm

Snow Paradise

I’m finally back at Butler and when I got here there was so much snow awaiting me! Yesterday it just wouldn’t stop snowing but I’m not complaining, I love snow! Maybe not too much but it’s good nonetheless.

So I was watching the news and there was a story about how the dates of the zodiac signs have changed and I usually don’t follow it but I’d just like to know my sign and think it’s fun. Well I was pleasantly disappointed to see that my sign changed and instead of being an Aries, I’m now supposedly a Pisces! I don’t like it one bit (haha)!

That’s all for today! Classes start Tuesday so hopefully it all goes well!

Random Song of the Day: “Someone Wake Me Up” by Joe McElderry

Random Photo of the Day:

All the snow I got to see today!

Tomorrow’s the BIG day!

I take my Chemistry final tomorrow and needless to say, I’m nervous. I studied all day and weekend so hopefully I do well! After my final I get to hit the road and go home. There has been a lot of snow and all of the schools in my county were canceled but I’m sure the snow will be cleaned up by the time I get home.

I recently went to an art exhibit on campus which showcased work by fellow Butler students. It was great seeing all of the talent on campus. I’m taking an art class next semester but I’m sure my work wouldn’t be able to compare since I’m not the most artistically inclined person around.

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Random Song of the Day: “The Flood” by Take That

Random Photo of the Day:

This is some of the art at the exhibit!