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Hi! I'm Andre. I'm a senior double major in Political Science and Spanish at Butler and I'll be graduating in 2014.

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First Day of Work!

Today was my first day at my internship in the Capitol building and it was pretty exciting. It was a bit overwhelming meeting so many new people and getting so much information but overall it was such a fun experience. I felt so important being where the history happens.

So apparently the citizens of DC literally freak out even when there is hardly any snow and it’s quite entertaining. The city is only expecting to get 5 inches of snow and there is already talk that there might be a declared state of emergency. It’s pretty funny considering 5 inches of snow is considered child’s play for Indianapolis.

After my internship was over I walked outside and saw that not only was it snowing but the area was literally deserted. I had never seen it so empty! I would’ve tried to enjoy the serenity of it all but it was so cold and windy that I had to find shelter ASAP! Hopefully the weather is better tomorrow!

The day before the storm

The day before the storm

Music Monday: Snow Won’t Stop

So all on the news, there is nothing but talk about the snow and cold. I even had a hard time trying to shovel the driveway because the snow was so frozen! I basically needed a pickaxe! I’ll have to try for round two later! I shoveled enough to get out the driveway so I could go grab Starbucks. Needless to say, I got stuck trying to drive back into my driveway and had to shovel myself out. Twas embarrassing.

In honor of the never ending cold, I’ve decided to dedicate today’s Music Monday to Sevyn Streeter and her song “It Won’t Stop.” It helps that I like the song and it’s awkwardly appropriate for the weather.

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Annoying Snow

I’m not a big fan of snow and cold weather so I was in for a treat when the local weather man said there’d be a blizzard over the weekend followed by something he described as an “arctic blast” of cold air. I was jumping out of my seat in excitement….. More snow to shovel! The media have been going crazy talking about and analyzing the snow which has been entertaining to say the least.

Butler even announced that the university would be closed today because of the weather. Normally that news would make me ecstatic but considering there are no classes I was indifferent to it all. And to add salt to the wound, I found out that my high school was closed today even though we never got one when I was there! It’s like the world is taunting me with this weather! Ahh, I miss my childhood when I craved the snow!

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! And Happy Holidays to those who don’t celebrate!

I guess it wasn’t a white Christmas this year, which I prefer because I hate the cold. It’s pretty early right now so I haven’t gotten to go downstairs and open presents and such but it’s coming and I can’t wait! I also haven’t gotten time to go through my contacts on my phone to text everyone Merry Christmas but I’ll get to that as well!

On another note, for some reason I just can’t get into Christmas music. I can’t explain it but I just can’t sing along to it. Don’t get me wrong, I like the Christmas season, just not the music. Well, I don’t really like holiday themed music in general. However, I do happen to enjoy one Christmas song and it is “All I Want For Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey. It’s probably everyone’s favorite Christmas song and it happens to be mine too.

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Rest Day

So I’ve been studying for different tests and assignments for the past couple of weeks and I decided to give myself a break today. I had a Spanish presentation today so I thought I deserved a nice little break from all my homework and assignments. So after my last class today, I came back to my room and took a nice long nap. Plus it was snowing outside so I was nice and warm in my bed.

Now, for the past hour or so I’ve been laying in bed, listening to classical music, and drinking tea. Needless to say, I feel classy. I might go to Whole Foods tomorrow and pick up more tea since I’m running low and I’m trying to taper off drinking coffee. Here’s the classical music mix I’ve been listening to in order to relax:

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Snow Galore

So last night and all this morning, it was snowing extremely hard. There was even the promise of 6-10 inches of snow so of course I got my hopes up that there would be no classes today. Well, I was pleasantly surprised when there were in fact classes today with no delay! So I had to come back down to earth and actually get prepared for class!

I happened to go to my car since I have to drive to my internship when I saw that literally more snow than in all of Alaska was on my car so I spent a good 20 minutes cleaning it off! Needless to say my hands were freezing afterwards and my feet were soaking wet. The only good thing that came out of it was the great view I got from my internship of all the snow when I was finally inside. We get a perfect view of the state capitol building from our office so it was definitely a nice view.

Snowball Peace

So two nights ago it snowed quite a bit and was extremely cold. This caused someone on Facebook to organize a campus wide snowball fight on the mall. Normally I avoid snow like the plague but this was an opportunity I couldn’t miss. Though I wouldn’t be participating in throwing snow since I recently lost my gloves, I still wanted to see what the hullabaloo was about.

When I went out there, there was about 50 people throwing snow, some running around shirtless, and some just spectating. Since I’m taking Intro to Peace Studies this semester, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to use what I learned to try to promote peace to the commoners throwing snow. And much to my dismay, no one listened. But needless to say, I’ll be expecting my Nobel Peace Prize soon, please and thanks.

Sorry for the blurry picture. It's hard to get a good pic when you're dodging snowballs!

Merry Christmas!

For those who celebrate, Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone has a great and warm holiday this year. Before the eating and unwrapping of gifts begins, I wanted to make a quick blog to talk about the holiday and such.

Thankfully it’s not snowing outside because 1. “White Christmas” is one of my least favorite Christmas songs and 2. I hate the cold. It’s also good because I plan to go shopping tomorrow with all of my Christmas money and the roads need to be clear to make way for me!

One of my favorite Christmas songs, however, is “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey. But since I’ve been listening to Michael Bublé’s Christmas album, I thought I’d post his version! His voice is reminiscent of drinking hot chocolate by the fire on a cold day. That basically means I love it! Even though I’ve never actually done that and I hate hot chocolate, his music is just too good.

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Snow Equals Sadness

I was initially excited that winter break was ending and that it hadn’t snowed a lot. But of course, when I woke up this morning, it was snowing very hard. It never stopped and now there are about a couple inches on the ground. :(

Since it snowed so much, I was forced to take the job of shoveling it. It was the closest I came to working out ALL break! It also took me a long time too! Let’s just say I almost finished the whole Amy Winehouse album while doing so. And let me tell ya, it’s a longgggg album!

But all the shoveling was worth it because it means I can now relax for the new episode of Jersey Shore tonight! The preview for the episode looked really boring, with the biggest “drama” being that Pauly couldn’t find his gold chain. THE HORROR! On the bright side, since my expectations are so low maybe it’ll end up being enjoyable! All I need is for Snooki to do something crazy!

Here I am expressing my disapproval of the snow after shoveling!


I am FINALLY done shopping after a hectic day at the mall! Advice: NEVER go to the mall two days before Christmas if you plan on having a quick run and calmly browsing for gifts. Traffic was a little busier than expected but once I got to the mall, the lines were HUGE! I like being in crowds so it wasn’t too bad but I could barely even walk without bumping into people. It was like Black Friday part two!

I went to Yankee Candle to get some last minute gifts for my family. They had a buy one get one half off sale so that was an unexpected surprise! They had so many good smells that it was hard to choose which to get! Then I stopped by Carsons to get myself some new pajamas. Hopefully I don’t get any as a gift for Christmas! One of the good things about being at the mall on such a busy day is that I ran into so many people from high school that I knew! It was fun quickly catching up and promising to make plans during break!

As I left the mall traffic was getting heavier so I decided to get some Chipotle in hopes that there would be less people once I was done eating. Surprisingly, there was hardy anyone at Chipotle (I guess they were all shopping) and I had a nice relaxing dinner.

It was a fun day overall and I’m glad to finally be done with my last minute Christmas shopping! I caught a lot of good sales so I guess that’s a plus for putting it off for so long!

I promise here’s the last Christmas video I’ll share! It’s just so cheesy I couldn’t resist!

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