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Music Monday: Pure Heroine

Today’s music monday is dedicated to new alternative singer Lorde. You might know her from her new song “Royals” that has been all over the radio lately. Her new album “Pure Heroine” came out today and I’m obsessed. It allows me to channel my inner hipster while being current as well.

One of the things I like the most about Lorde is that she writes her own lyrics while only being 16! She has a sort of stripped back style but also has really good production in her songs too. Her songs are mostly about being proud of who she is/where she’s from.

Some of my favorite songs on the album include “Tennis Court,” “Glory and Gore,” and “Team.” The video for Tennis Court is slightly creepy but that’s what I love about it. Check it out:

YouTube Preview Image

Music Monday: NWTS

Of course I had to bring back my weekly music monday posts! Today’s Music Monday is dedicated to Drake. All my friends know that I’m a huge Drake fan and he’s one of the few artists on my iPod. Plus, he’s one of my favorite artists to dance to in my room by myself. Sure that’s an embarrassing confession but whatever!

The reason why I chose Drake was because his new album “Nothing Was The Same” comes out tomorrow. I listened to it online last week and I love it and can’t wait to buy it when it comes out at midnight! No, I’m not waiting at the store, I’m just buying it on iTunes. I made sure I had enough money in my bank account to buy it so I should be all clear when it comes out.

My favorite song from the album is “All Me” but there are other good songs on the album too. His first single “Started From The Bottom” is great as well. I highly recommend checking it out!

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Music Monday: JT

After a 7-year music break, Justin Timberlake is finally releasing his third studio album tomorrow and I’m pretty excited. I wasn’t always a fan of Justin but when “Sexyback” came out, I was hooked. His first single “Suit and Tie,” although it took time to grow on me, is great! It makes me feel classy when I listen to it and I like to sing and dance along to it in the car. I can’t dance as well as him but I’m getting there!

Justin has been all over SNL, Jimmy Fallon, and other shows to promote the album, which has gotten me really excited. He even performed a new song each day last week on Jimmy Fallon. And after listening to the full album on iTunes yesterday, I can’t wait to buy it! It’s a lot of R&B and Pop sounds, which I love. There are also rumors that he’s making a volume two to this album as well so I can’t wait!

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Music Monday: Paradise Edition

I’m a few years late to the Coldplay bandwagon but I’ve recently gotten into their music. I’ve been listening to their Mylo Xyloto album on repeat for the past couple of days. My favorite song is “Princess of China” featuring Rihanna because I love the production on it and it’s so catchy!

The song I chose today is “Paradise.” The video features Chris Martin randomly dressed up as an elephant where he escapes from the zoo and runs from the police. I wish I was joking. It’s actually an amusing video. My favorite part is toward the end where he meets up with the rest of the band dressed up as elephants as well and they all start dancing together and end up performing the rest of the song.

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So I’ve still been on my movie rental binge and yesterday I decided to rent the movie W.E. It was directed by Madonna and I have to say I thought it was amazing! I loved the scenery, the casting, and the plot.

The movie tells the story of a woman in modern times trying to find out more about Wallis and Edward. Edward was the King of England who had to give up the throne so he could marry the love of his life, an American named Wallis. Cue the sappy/romantic music. Abbie Cornish played the modern day woman but she ends up finding love with a security guard in the museum.

I guess what made the film so good was that since it got such terrible reviews that I was expecting the worst so when it was actually a decent movie, I was pleasantly surprised. I highly recommend watching it! You end up even learning a little history in the process!

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The Vow

Yesterday my friend Angela from high school surprised me and came to visit Indy with her family. First we all went to the mall and shopped for a couple of hours and then we went to P.F. Chang’s and ate. I had something called Buddha’s Feast and it was delicious!

After dinner we went to see The Vow, starring Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams. Overall it was kind of a blah movie. I really didn’t know what emotion to have leaving the theatre. Everything happened so fast that it was hard to develop an emotional attachment to the characters so when they broke up, I kind of didn’t care. The acting in the movie wasn’t as bad as everyone made it out to be but I can say it just wasn’t believable.

I’d recommend it to people who enjoy really sappy love stories but other than that on a scale from 1-10 on how much I liked it, I’d give it a 5 just because I didn’t necessarily enjoy it but I didn’t hate it either. I think I was thrown off by the fact that Rachel McAdams had dark hair in the movie and was distracted by that the whole time.

Here’s the trailer for the movie.

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Worst Movie Ever Made

Tonight my friend Hayley and I decided to see the movie The Devil Inside. I had high expectations going into the movie since it was made by the same people who made Paranormal Activity. But after seeing it, I want my money back.

One thing I did like about it was that it was really short and got to the point fast. But, it wasn’t scary, had terrible actors, and was very predictable. Hayley and I ended up making snarky comments the whole time, much to the chagrin of everyone around us.

The movie starts with a woman trying to figure out if her mom is possessed by demons and makes a documentary of it. She randomly finds some priests that magically decide to help her. But of course, they all one by one get possessed themselves and SPOILER ALERT they all die in a car crash. It was a horrible ending and the audience was left with a black screen with the text “The case is still unresolved.” Oh geez, thanks!

The only part that intrigued me was that all of the demon possessed people kept telling one priest that he’d never be forgiven for what he did to his uncle. The viewer never finds out what happened with his uncle, which I assume is a way for the filmmakers to make a sequel! Oh goodie….. But I’ll admit, I would still see the sequel just to see what happened with the guy’s uncle.

I’d give it -3 stars out of 5. Yep, negative three…

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Jersey Bore

Last night was the big season premiere of the fifth season of Jersey Shore and it was the most boring episode ever.

The episode started with this fake drama about what rooms each of the cast members would take. Of course it got resolved with them all taking the same room they each always had the past four seasons. Then they all go to a party where Snooki and The Situation continue the fight they had last season in Italy which is really old now but of course they drug the fight out during the whole episode.

Then Vinny is randomly homesick and misses his family, although he’s like 24 and should’ve gotten over that already. He decides to go home, which makes me cry tears of joy since he’s my least favorite cast member. But, spoiler alert, he comes back two episodes later which resolves his fake drama.

At the end of the episode they had a teaser for the rest of the season which looked boring as well. The Situation got into a fight with Snooki (again), they go party, and all make up at the end. The same exact thing happened last season and the season before…. This season better get better or I’ll have to find a new guilty pleasure fast! Hopefully this is the last season so Snooki can have her own show! She’s the only reason I watch anyway!

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Dragon Tattoo Review

Yesterday I saw “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” with my friend Allison and I have mixed feelings about it. I LOVED the casting of Rooney Mara as the female lead. She was amazing and did a good job in some scenes I would have been incredibly awkward in if I were an actor so kudos! I sort of dislike Daniel Craig so he was iffy for me in the movie.

When the movie started, there was a weird and random scene with a lot of pictures and I did not get it at all. Then the storyline moved on to Daniel Craig’s character and somehow brought in Rooney Mara’s character. It took me half of the movie to realize their characters were talking about each other the whole time which threw me off. It also turned really graphic at some points which made for some awkward moments.

The second half of the movie was more understandable and more enjoyable. It turned into sort of a murder mystery, with a twist I didn’t expect. It was filled with action and suspense, which I love and it had a happy ending! Overall it was an ok movie. It was wonderfully acted and directed but it was 3 hours long which was kind of ridiculous and in some parts was very confusing. I wish I had read the book before and had done a little research so I understood it better. I’d give it 3 out of 5 stars!

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Twilight Review

On Saturday I saw the new Twilight movie Breaking Dawn part 1 and I actually enjoyed it! I usually watch the Twilight movies to make fun of the horrible acting and though the acting was still kind of bad I thought the plot and imagery made up for it. All of the scenery was really beautiful and really added to the movie. Considering the fact that I’ve only seen the first movie of the saga, the plot was easy to follow along to for a newbie. I look forward to seeing part 2 next year!

Though I thought this movie was good, I am more excited to see the upcoming movie Snow White & the Huntsman. It comes out next summer and stars Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart. I do think the casting of Stewart and Snow White was weird but maybe she’ll prove me wrong when I see the movie!

Kristen’s acting in the Twilight movies is pretty mediocre so hopefully she’ll show more emotion in this movie. Her acting in Breaking Dawn improved tremendously so who knows! Charlize Theron looks so good as the evil queen in the trailer so I’m sure she won’t disappoint!

Here is a trailer for the upcoming movie.

YouTube Preview Image