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Hi! I'm Andre. I'm a senior double major in Political Science and Spanish at Butler and I'll be graduating in 2014.

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Great Season

Last night the men’s basketball team suffered a very close loss but definitely fought a long, hard fight and I couldn’t be any prouder! It’s tough to end the season so early but I can’t wait until next season when I’m sure, no matter what, they won’t disappoint.

Starting the day yesterday I planned on not watching the game since I had tons of homework and I usually can’t handle high stress games like the NCAA tournament. But, I couldn’t help but watch after hearing all the cheers and screams coming from people in my hallway, I couldn’t help but watch in bits and pieces in between reading for Spanish.

Even though this season didn’t end the way we would have hoped, at least we have the opportunity to start fresh in a new conference next year to really show the other teams what we’re made of, which is extremely exciting.

YouTube Preview Image

Homework Weekend

So this weekend I decided to star being productive and get all of my homework done early. Instead of going to the basketball game on Friday, I decided to stay in my room and do my homework. And when I woke up Saturday morning, I decided to continue doing my homework and getting other stuff done. Since I was being so productive, I decided to take two breaks. My first was to go to Whole Foods with some pals to restock my room with groceries.

After I did that, I went to my friend Karleen’s room whose mom was visiting for a bit and I talked to them. After that I got so distracted from homework and I spent the night watching TV shows on Hulu and eating. So now I’m here on Sunday finishing my homework, not as productive as I had hoped!

Karleen's mom and me while I was taking a break from homework!

Summer is FINALLY here!

So it is like 80 degrees outside which makes me happy because it is finally getting warmer! I am currently sporting my shorts and flip flops and will go outside and enjoy it. I have a project in my British Literature class which I am taking pictures of myself enjoying nature to relate it to the romantic period so it will be a blast.

In other important news, the Rock of Ages musical is coming to Clowes Hall this week and I really want to go. I’m not sure how much tickets are but Constantine from American Idol is the lead actor so I’m totally stoked!

That’s all for today! I gotta go get my book and read it outside for the beautiful day!!!

Random Video of the Day:

This is a video of Butler students celebrating a win over VCU! Definitely gives me a sense of nostalgia!

YouTube Preview Image

Time Flies!

When I first started this blog I remember being so excited about the Yankees going to the Playoffs and it’s weird seeing that the new baseball season has already started! There’s also only a month left of school (Who’s counting, anyway?!?) which is even weirder! This year has definitely flown past me and I have no idea where it went!

Today I only had one class so I’ve definitely been having a lazy day today. What makes it better is that my first two classes got canceled for tomorrow so I get to sleep in! Besides it being my birthday on Monday, classes being canceled, being able to wear shorts AND hardly having any homework, I’m not sure how this week could get any better!

This evening there is a pep rally for the basketball team so I’ll be sure to go over to Hinkle Fieldhouse to go support our basketball team! They really put in a lot of hard work and hopefully they can do it again next season!!

Creeping on some people (as usual!) going to Robertson Hall on Sunday!

Happy Birthday To ME!

So today is my 18th birthday and it marks the SECOND year in a row that it has rained on my birthday. Last year it was on Easter and it STILL rained! My birthdays are definitely not good weather days! But it is getting warmer so I can’t complain.

Since classes tomorrow are canceled in celebration of the basketball game, I am planning on going home to celebrate my big day with my family! It should be fun and we’re planning on going out to eat.

I was surprised when I woke up to countless numbers of texts and messages from my friends telling me happy birthday. It just feels weird being considered an adult now!

It would even be a better birthday if the team wins the game tonight against UConn! I’ll definitely be up watching! Then I’d have TWO things to celebrate!

Star fountain was colored blue in celebration of our basketball team!

Championship Here We Come!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of days, you’d know that Butler beat VCU yesterday and advanced to the NCAA National Championship. We will play UConn tomorrow! Everyone on campus couldn’t be more excited. I really hope we can pull it out!

On Friday every item of food had a name starting with a “B,” whether it was buffalo wings or burgers. It was very clever, although I’m sure someone could’ve thought of something more clever than “Bulldog Clam Chowder”! Even the water in star fountain was colored blue!

After the game on Saturday, everyone ran to celebrate on Hampton. It was definitely the craziest thing I’ve ever experienced. I even got to see people from high school that don’t even go to Butler!

I also got an email saying that classes are canceled Tuesday since the game starts late! That’s really nice of the administration to give us the day off! I might just make a surprise visit home!

Pep rally before the game on Saturday!

Final Four!

So the Bulldogs made it to the Final Four and everyone on campus couldn’t be more excited! We spent the first 10 minutes of my FYS class today discussing Butler’s prospects of winning it all. They play VCU on April 2 and the championship is on the 4th, which is my birthday! Nothing would make me happier than seeing Butler win the National Championship on my birthday!

I went into Starbucks today and the 100.9 Radio Station was there giving free items and taking people’s pictures. I got a keychain and they took my picture with a sign! The picture isn’t on their website yet but I’ll post it here once it is! I think they’re trying to raise Indy’s spirit for the Bulldogs!

Me trying on the Civil War gear in FYS class with the Civil War reenactor

Elite Eight

So everyone was invited to watch the Butler vs. Wisconsin game in the Reilly Room on campus. There were so many people! They held a raffle at the commercial breaks giving away free T-shirts and had free pizza! There was even a person from the news filming us. I left early because I usually go to bed at 10 but I lived a little and left at 10:30! I wish I hadn’t since the Bulldogs won! I really hope they win their game today against Florida!

When I got to my dorm after leaving early, there were people all around watching the game and cheering. Let’s just say, I didn’t even have to turn on my TV to know who won!! My FYS teacher canceled class the next day because she knew we’d all be up watching the game so it was really nice to sleep in!

Everyone watching the game on the big screen!

Dulce Dieciséis!!

So the title of this blog is a reference to Butler being in the Sweet Sixteen in the NCAA Tournament! The reason it’s in Spanish is because I just came from Spanish class so it’ll be a while until it wears off! I really hope they can win.

The team is leaving today for New Orleans so surely they’ll have a good time while down there! I was in class while they were being sent off so good luck! I am also a big Brigham Young fan so I’m really hoping that Butler and BYU can meet in the tournament!

I just so happened to be perusing YouTube and I stumbled upon fellow blogger Steph‘s video of her room in Schwitzer, the girls’ dorm. It’s a great video to watch if you have questions about what the dorms look like or how they’re set up!

YouTube Preview Image