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Hi! I'm Andre. I'm a senior double major in Political Science and Spanish at Butler and I'll be graduating in 2014.

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Movie Enthusiast

I’ve recently become a movie enthusiast and have been renting movies like crazy this weekend. On Thursday I rented the movie Valentine’s Day. It was a random suggestion from iTunes and I actually loved it! My favorite character in it was Taylor Swift. She played a hormone raging teenage girl who is obsessed with a huge white bear her boyfriend gave her.

On Friday I rented another movie called Rear Window. It was a movie from the 50s and is about a man sitting who creeps on  his neighbors. He, in the process, discovers a murder coverup and it makes for a really entertaining movie. I was really tired while watching it but I could not fall asleep as I was on the edge of my seat the whole time!

I’m thinking of renting a new movie tonight but I haven’t decided what. If there’s any suggestions, feel free to comment!

Watching Rear Window with a nice cup of Starbucks :)

The Hunger Games

I saw a preview for the Hunger Games and needless to say I’m super excited for it. It sounds like a cool storyline and I’m excited to see what the filmakers will do to create the imagery of it. There is also a book form of it that I’m thinking of reading over the summer so I’ll see if I get to it!

I don’t know any of the actors in the movie except for Liam Hemsworth, who happens to be dating Miley Cyrus! I really liked him in The Last Song so hopefully he won’t disappoint in this movie. Hopefully I’ll be able to go see it this weekend if all the tickets aren’t sold out!

Here’s the trailer for the movie:

YouTube Preview Image

Project X

I made a really random trip back home this weekend, in part because I completely ran out of laundry and refuse to pay for it, and because I wanted to see my family! While home, I went to the movies with my friend Jessica to see the movie Project X. Before I get into why the movie was so horrible let me just say, I only recommend people to see this if they just want to see a ridiculously unnecessary movie.

Project X tells the story of three nerdy teenagers who aspire to be popular and decide to do so by throwing a party. Of course you know where this is going. The party gets really out of hand to te point where about 2,000 people show up. Of course it take the whole movie until the police arrive to break it up but the partiers fight back and the SWAT team is called in. …Really?


But wait, it gets worse. Right after completely unnecessary scenes of nudity, a crazy guy decides to bring a flame thrower and burns down everything in sight, including the guy who threw the party’s neighborhood. After the SWAT team makes the party disperse by pouring water on them, because the flame thrower wasn’t good enough, the boy’s parents return. And to really make this movie horrible, the boy’s father ends up being impressed with his son because he didn’t think he had it in him! No, his dad should’ve been a little more angry than a chuckle. And the ending gets even more unbelievable because he finally becomes popular and basically gets no punishment at all, even after inciting a riot, burning his neighborhood down, and driving his dad’s Mercedes in the pool.

This may have been the worst movie ever. I’d also not see it with family….. Or people in general… Nevertheless, it did look like a cool party.

YouTube Preview Image

The Vow

Yesterday my friend Angela from high school surprised me and came to visit Indy with her family. First we all went to the mall and shopped for a couple of hours and then we went to P.F. Chang’s and ate. I had something called Buddha’s Feast and it was delicious!

After dinner we went to see The Vow, starring Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams. Overall it was kind of a blah movie. I really didn’t know what emotion to have leaving the theatre. Everything happened so fast that it was hard to develop an emotional attachment to the characters so when they broke up, I kind of didn’t care. The acting in the movie wasn’t as bad as everyone made it out to be but I can say it just wasn’t believable.

I’d recommend it to people who enjoy really sappy love stories but other than that on a scale from 1-10 on how much I liked it, I’d give it a 5 just because I didn’t necessarily enjoy it but I didn’t hate it either. I think I was thrown off by the fact that Rachel McAdams had dark hair in the movie and was distracted by that the whole time.

Here’s the trailer for the movie.

YouTube Preview Image

The Social Network

I have developed a weird obsession with short films recently, which inspired a big decision in my life. My favorite short film so far is called “Some Boys Don’t Leave,” with the “boy” being portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg, who played Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in the movie “The Social Network.” I’ve never seen the Social Network but I looked up clips online and I feel like I would enjoy it!

After looking up that he was in The Social Network, I was inspired to make a Facebook and join the rest of humanity online.  I’m already obsessed with it and I’m pretty sure I’ll keep it this time instead of deleting it like I always do! Since I’m in this new social networking phase, I also created a new Twitter account. I currently have 74 followers which BASICALLY means I’m the next Kim Kardashian , who has almost 13 million followers but that’s just a minor detail!

I’m thinking of making a Tumblr account as well. Pretty soon I’ll be on EVERY social networking site! Who knows, maybe I’ll go back to my old Myspace! JUST KIDDING!

I needed a chair to sit in the press area at the women's basketball game and of course the one I got broke in half!

Dragon Tattoo Review

Yesterday I saw “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” with my friend Allison and I have mixed feelings about it. I LOVED the casting of Rooney Mara as the female lead. She was amazing and did a good job in some scenes I would have been incredibly awkward in if I were an actor so kudos! I sort of dislike Daniel Craig so he was iffy for me in the movie.

When the movie started, there was a weird and random scene with a lot of pictures and I did not get it at all. Then the storyline moved on to Daniel Craig’s character and somehow brought in Rooney Mara’s character. It took me half of the movie to realize their characters were talking about each other the whole time which threw me off. It also turned really graphic at some points which made for some awkward moments.

The second half of the movie was more understandable and more enjoyable. It turned into sort of a murder mystery, with a twist I didn’t expect. It was filled with action and suspense, which I love and it had a happy ending! Overall it was an ok movie. It was wonderfully acted and directed but it was 3 hours long which was kind of ridiculous and in some parts was very confusing. I wish I had read the book before and had done a little research so I understood it better. I’d give it 3 out of 5 stars!

YouTube Preview Image


I’m A Celebrity

I’ve been studying tirelessly for my last final for the past few days. I’m so excited to finally being able to go home soon! I’ve yet to start packing so I guess I’ll awkwardly start on that later! My final isn’t until tonight so I’ll have plenty of time to finish start packing.

Yesterday, as I took a break from studying, I decided to make a GooglePlus account! I was amazed to see how many people are on it and all the celebrities that have embraced it too. Also, after I followed Britney Spears, she followed me back! Needless to say, this probably makes me a celebrity now. Move over, Bieber!

I’m really looking forward to going home to be with my family and friends. I really want to see the new movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo so hopefully I can force one of my friends to go with me! The trailer looks so creepy, so I’m pretty ecstatic!

This is me and my friend Jill getting rowdy in the library over Thanksgiving break showing off my leopard socks!

Twilight Review

On Saturday I saw the new Twilight movie Breaking Dawn part 1 and I actually enjoyed it! I usually watch the Twilight movies to make fun of the horrible acting and though the acting was still kind of bad I thought the plot and imagery made up for it. All of the scenery was really beautiful and really added to the movie. Considering the fact that I’ve only seen the first movie of the saga, the plot was easy to follow along to for a newbie. I look forward to seeing part 2 next year!

Though I thought this movie was good, I am more excited to see the upcoming movie Snow White & the Huntsman. It comes out next summer and stars Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart. I do think the casting of Stewart and Snow White was weird but maybe she’ll prove me wrong when I see the movie!

Kristen’s acting in the Twilight movies is pretty mediocre so hopefully she’ll show more emotion in this movie. Her acting in Breaking Dawn improved tremendously so who knows! Charlize Theron looks so good as the evil queen in the trailer so I’m sure she won’t disappoint!

Here is a trailer for the upcoming movie.

YouTube Preview Image


Scared to Sleep

So this weekend was Homecoming and it was extremely fun! I went to the parade and went to the football game. The team was losing at half time which was disappointing but at least I got to see who won King and Queen!

Here’s a Homecoming video where VP Johnson gives free Starbucks to everyone in line at Starbucks:

YouTube Preview Image

After halftime I left and went to finish working on a ten page paper I have to write for my media literacy class! D: But, it was actually not as bad as I thought it would be and I finished in time to go eat at Olive Garden with some friends. Then we went to see Paranormal Activity 3.

Let me start by saying it may have been the scariest/freakiest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m easily scared which may have something everything to do with it but it was still pretty scary. I’ve never seen the other two movies but I still enjoyed it. Though it was a good movie, I was still scared to go to sleep afterwards!

Movie Night!

Last Friday I had a movie night with my friend Jill. It was great to relax and enjoy myself before the semester really kicks into gear. She went to The Fray concert at Clowes and said it was really fun. After the concert, she came to my dorm so we could start our monthly movie night!

The first movie we watched was Twilight. We both loathe the Twilight series so we thought it would be funny to make fun of it. It did not fail to impress with its awkward acting and gloomy mood.

The other movie we watched was Star Trek. It is one of my favorite movies and was also enjoyable. I cannot wait until the sequel comes out next year! Hopefully I’ll be able to see it at midnight when it first premieres.

Here is a trailer for the new movie “Drive” that I want to see:

YouTube Preview Image