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Hi! I'm Andre. I'm a senior double major in Political Science and Spanish at Butler and I'll be graduating in 2014.

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On Duty

Today marks the first day of fall break and instead of leaving last night, I left in this morning because I was on duty at Resco, which means I have to stay in the building in case a student gets locked out of their room. It was as quiet as a mouse and only saw two of my residents! Seemingly everyone left during the day for break!

Now that I am home, one of the first things I did was to get a haircut! Now that that’s over, I am currently snuggled up in bed watching Goldfinger since everyone I know stresses how good of a movie it is. Hopefully this break remains as relaxing as it has started off!

Abby and I on duty!

Part of Spiderman

Let’s just say that a pop star cannot release a movie without me seeing it! That being said, since today is my friend Allison’s birthday, we are going to see the Katy Perry movie this weekend. Afterwards we’re supposed to go out and celebrate her birthday so I can’t wait!

The Katy Perry movie is called Part of Me and is in 3-D. It is supposed to show all the in-depth coverage of how she puts together her tour, her divorce from Russell Brand, and a little background into her life.

Since Katy isn’t exactly the type of music I listen to, hopefully we’ll be able to catch the new Spiderman movie afterwards but considering it’s over two hours long, maybe we’ll go another day!

Here’s the trailer for Katy:

YouTube Preview Image

And here’s the trailer for Spiderman:

YouTube Preview Image


Disaster Movie

On Friday I decided I wanted to watch a low budget/light-hearted comedy. That only left me with one option: Disaster Movie. The movie originally came out in 2008 but hey, better late than never, right!? Let me just say, this may have been the worst movie ever imaginable. The acting was horrible, nothing was funny, and nothing in it was believable.

The movie starred Matt Lanter, from 90210, as a guy who is trying to save the world from ending but encounters celebrities in the process. Kim Kardashian was also shockingly in the movie and was a main character until she died halfway through the movie from an asteroid falling on her. I didn’t even know she was in it until after I started watching so that was a pleasant surprise. But after she died, I kind of lost interest.

At the end he eventually saves the world and they all live happily ever after… Except for Kim unfortunately.

Kim Kardashian & Matt Lanter in the movie


So I’ve still been on my movie rental binge and yesterday I decided to rent the movie W.E. It was directed by Madonna and I have to say I thought it was amazing! I loved the scenery, the casting, and the plot.

The movie tells the story of a woman in modern times trying to find out more about Wallis and Edward. Edward was the King of England who had to give up the throne so he could marry the love of his life, an American named Wallis. Cue the sappy/romantic music. Abbie Cornish played the modern day woman but she ends up finding love with a security guard in the museum.

I guess what made the film so good was that since it got such terrible reviews that I was expecting the worst so when it was actually a decent movie, I was pleasantly surprised. I highly recommend watching it! You end up even learning a little history in the process!

YouTube Preview Image

Worst Movie Ever Made

Tonight my friend Hayley and I decided to see the movie The Devil Inside. I had high expectations going into the movie since it was made by the same people who made Paranormal Activity. But after seeing it, I want my money back.

One thing I did like about it was that it was really short and got to the point fast. But, it wasn’t scary, had terrible actors, and was very predictable. Hayley and I ended up making snarky comments the whole time, much to the chagrin of everyone around us.

The movie starts with a woman trying to figure out if her mom is possessed by demons and makes a documentary of it. She randomly finds some priests that magically decide to help her. But of course, they all one by one get possessed themselves and SPOILER ALERT they all die in a car crash. It was a horrible ending and the audience was left with a black screen with the text “The case is still unresolved.” Oh geez, thanks!

The only part that intrigued me was that all of the demon possessed people kept telling one priest that he’d never be forgiven for what he did to his uncle. The viewer never finds out what happened with his uncle, which I assume is a way for the filmmakers to make a sequel! Oh goodie….. But I’ll admit, I would still see the sequel just to see what happened with the guy’s uncle.

I’d give it -3 stars out of 5. Yep, negative three…

YouTube Preview Image