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Hi! I'm Andre. I'm a senior double major in Political Science and Spanish at Butler and I'll be graduating in 2014.

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Chicago Break

Over the fall break weekend I drove to Chicago to visit my friend Hayley, who goes to Loyola. The weather was extremely rainy and cold so I had to bundle up and drive carefully to get there!

On my way there!

Hayley had a dance performance at Loyola’s new performing arts center so I was happy to attend and show my support! It was part of one of her dance classes and they did a modern dance routine and I was definitely impressed!

After her performance, we went downtown to go shopping! I needed to go to Apple to get a new phone charger and to H&M to get a new sweater for the cold weather! But first we stopped by Macy’s and there I saw Nicki Minaj‘s new perfume/fragrance stand so of course I had to take a picture! I didn’t buy any since it’s for girls but I at least smelled it.

Overall, I had a fun time and can’t wait to go back to the Windy City (literally since the weather was so awful)!

This Upcoming Weekend!

So this weekend I’m pretty happy for because 1. it’s the beginning of Thanksgiving break and 2. I’m going to visit Loyola (again) to see my friends! Their break doesn’t start until November 24th while mine at Butler starts as soon as my last class ends on the 19th! So it’ll be fun gloating how I’m out of school and they still have two more days of classes. :)

So I have one more test this week and I’ll be done with tests until after break! I do, however, have to work on a project for my Irish Literature class. Hopefully it won’t be too challenging.

Thanks for visiting my blog! Feel free to comment or ask any questions about life on campus!

Random Song of the Day: “Draggin’ The River” by Blake Shelton feat. Miranda Lambert

Random Photo of the Day:

This is the last picture from my vacation (promise!). This was another street performer in Barcelona but if you look closely, he was floating in midair.

Fall Break!

I had a great time on fall break! I’ll go through the days saying what I did on each:

Wednesday: On Wednesday after my last class I drove my friend from high school who also goes to Butler home. As soon as I got home I got Chipotle and took a long nap! Then one of my other friends, Angela, found out I was in the area and I visited her house where I helped her with Physics homework (not my favorite thing to do but it was great to catch up!).

Thursday: I did not really have a productive Thursday. The only thing I did was getting a much needed haircut!

Friday: Friday was definitely my most productive day! I finished my laundry at home which is good because I dislike doing it in the crowded laundry room at school Saturday evenings! My advice is to do it on Friday nights or on weekday nights on a day when you do not have much homework in order to avoid a lot of people. After this I had lunch at Panera Bread with one of my best friends, Colleen. Then I spent the rest of my day at Loyola University in Chicago where many of my friends attend school. It was plenty of fun and I had my first ride on the CTA train. After this experience, I think I’ll just stick to driving my car. Also at Loyola, they had Midnight Madness which was a pep rally in support of their basketball team. I made sure to constantly remind my friends and everyone else around how much better Butler’s team is!

Saturday: Today I finished my Spanish homework. It was surprisingly the only thing I had to do! I plan on going to lunch with my friend Jessica and going to a haunted house later!

Fall Break this year actually did not go by too fast which was a pleasant surprise! Next week is homecoming, which should be fun!

Random Song of the Day: “You Won’t Forget About Me” by Dannii Minogue

Random Photo of the Day:

This is from retreat. It was one of the friendly horses!

Fall Retreat!

Fall retreat was a WONDERFUL way to relax this weekend! I’ll go through all of the events and things which happened during the weekend! It was sponsored by Cru and featured students from various different universities such as IU, Purdue, Wabash, Valparaiso, and of course Butler! Because of this, I got to meet and become friends with many people from different colleges and had a great time!

Friday: I drove two other people down to Seymour, Indiana to SpringHill Camps. We got there and then had to register and were allowed to sign up for different activities such as zip-lining or wall climbing. Then we were assigned cabins and were bused to our camps, since the camp was extremely large! That night we all got together and listened to a guest speaker and got into our discussion groups to discuss our thoughts about not only religion but also about our views on various world issues. To end the night, everyone was invited to play a mass game of Capture the Flag!

Saturday: Since I slept through most of it, I only have a partial story about today. I was awake from 5:30 AM on Friday to 1:00 AM on Saturday so I was EXHAUSTED! I slept through breakfast and lunch and woke up just in time to get into group discussion and partake in the day’s activities. The majority of the people played in the lake but some decided to stay inside (like me) where it was cool. I mostly played ping pong and foosball with my friends Kevin and Brian.

Sunday: This day was my least eventful day at retreat because I had to leave early. I ate breakfast, which consisted of just a plain bowl of cereal, and left retreat 2 hours early because I had to arrive at Butler by 11 to meet my friend Hayley who was coming in form out of town. Hayley goes to Loyola in Chicago and wanted to see my campus. I took her around Butler and then we decided to eat at Bagel Ripple Deli which is not too far off of campus! We then went to visit our two friends at IUPUI to end the night and we ate at Noodles & Company for dinner! It was my first time eating there and it was delicious!

That was my weekend in a nutshell! Sorry for it being so long! I’ll also be doing a random song of the day to change things up!

Random Song of the Day: “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” by Katy Perry

Random Photo of the Day:

My set of cabins at retreat had a Western theme which made things fun!

This Weekend!

I am excited! Tonight I am going to see the performance of Eurydice at Lilly Hall, which houses the music school. I am also going on a retreat this weekend with Butler’s Cru. It is Butler’s Christian group. I will be driving two other people to the retreat in my car.

One perk that Butler provides that many other schools don’t is that Freshmen are allowed to have cars on campus. It definitely comes in handy when I’m out of water or floss!

Tomorrow should be a pretty easy day. I only have two classes tomorrow and no tests (thankfully!). Next week is fall break and the week after that is HOMECOMING! I think I will go to the boys soccer game against Loyola Chicago since some of my friends attend the school and may come to the game!

That’s all for today!

Random Photo of the Day:

This is where most freshmen will live (Ross Hall). It holds mostly guys but there is one floor of girls.