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Hi! I'm Andre. I'm a senior double major in Political Science and Spanish at Butler and I'll be graduating in 2014.

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Christmas Shopping Day

Today, since I did not have classes, I dedicated to purchasing Christmas gifts for those I have to buy gifts for! My biggest priority was buying a gift for my best pal Karleen. I know she reads my blog so I won’t reveal the contents of the gift but hopefully she likes it! There is also an RA Secret Santa giveaway and I had to buy a gift for another one of the RAs so hopefully he or she likes their gift as well! I usually go down the giftcard route for Christmas gifts but I decided to give real gifts this year instead.

After I got back to campus, I saw none other than the cutest baby in the world roaming campus, little baby Violet. Of course I had to take a picture with her! You can obviously tell by the disinterested/worried look on her face that I’m her favorite person in the world. I just have that effect on people, especially children.

I’m an Old Person

Yesterday I had my second volunteer day at Kaleidoscope Youth Center, and I had even more fun than I did the first time! Instead of being with the middle school kids, I was assigned to play with the younger kids. And let me tell ya, it was so much easier.

One girl I helped needed help with her homework. Instead of needing to find the circumference of circles with the older kids, which is hard without a calculator, she needed help counting the number of pennies and writing the answer down.

After she needed help, the kids were allowed to go outside and play. After losing to a group of 7 year olds in football, we all decided to play freeze tag. And, not surprisingly, I lost miserably and could barely keep up with all the kids! Then I had to help each of them cross the monkey bars since they were so little and almost threw my back out doing it! Needless it say, I had a fun time playing with them and am uber excited to do the same next week.

The kids were probably as hyper as I was in this picture! ...Don't ask, by the way...!!

Lending a Hand

I started my work at my service learning site last night and I really enjoyed it! I’m working at the Kaleidoscope Youth Center and am working as a volunteer tutor. I loved helping all the kids and I was amazed at how fast I could get attached to all the students. There were other volunteers there, too, so I wouldn’t get overwhelmed by millions of kids but even without the others I would’ve liked it.

The night started with all the students having to do homework and it was fun brushing up on my subtracting skills. But I must admit, there were some questions even I didn’t know! The hardest part was just getting all the students on task and not looking up music videos and playing games online. After they did homework it was dinner time and then everyone crowded around the piano to sing. Once the night was winding down everyone was able to play around on the computer and slowly but surely everyone’s parents picked them up.

I had such a wonderful time and hopefully will enjoy myself as much in my future visits this semester.

I got to be a nun when I went downtown for Super Bowl weekend.... No big deal....