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Throwback Thursday: Bieber

So last year I got a Justin Bieber cardboard cutout just to be creepy and funny and put in in people’s rooms when they’re not there to scare them. I planned to get a One Direction cutout this year but I couldn’t decide which member I wanted to buy. Obviously Liam is the best because he’s the most talented but I didn’t know which to buy for comedic effect. I don’t really like One Direction or Bieber but I just think it would be funny to have a cutout of one of them to hang out with.

Last year when I got Justin my friend Karleen and I took him around our building and had a weird impromptu photoshoot with him. Sure people stared but that made it even funner! Hopefully when I come back from Thanksgiving Break I’ll come bearing a cutout. I could really use ideas on what to get!

Our pal Justin just hanging out.

Our pal Justin just hanging out.

Music Monday: Red

For some random reason I’ve really gotten into Taylor Swift lately, which is awkward since I like Kanye West a lot too, so I decided to dedicate today’s Music Monday to her. I can’t really relate to her lyrics but I still love her songs! On her Red album, I’d have to say my favorite songs are “Red,” “I Knew You Were Trouble,” and “Say Say Say.”

My favorite album by Taylor is “Fearless” and my favorite song of all time from her is “Love Story.” The “Love Story” video forever remains her best and it was the first song I heard by Taylor and made me discover her. And after hearing her on the radio yesterday, I decided to become a fully-fledged fan. Yes, I’m that quick to pick things up.

YouTube Preview Image

Music Monday: New Year Miracle

Last night, as I was minding my own business about to go to bed, I decided to go online just to check on the news for the day. While I was on Twitter, all of a sudden I saw KimYe trending. KimYe is short for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West and is their celebrity couple name. And if you know anything about me, you’d know that Kanye is my favorite rapper/singer and Kim is my favorite person in existence. When I clicked on the trend, to my surprise, I found out that she is pregnant with Kanye’s child. The joy I felt was beyond words and needless to say this baby is a New Year’s miracle.

I got unnecessarily too excited about this news and started texting everyone in my phone expressing my excitement. Sure it was 1 AM but this was earth shattering news so it was urgent! Everyone I talked to was just as excited as me, or at least pretended to be. Now I will make it my number one goal to babysit this baby.

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Trash Galore

So today the residence halls officially closed which means if you’re an RA you have to inspect rooms and check out residents. But, of course I waited until the last minute to pack and empty my trash so that’s how I spent my last night on campus. I stayed up until 1 packing and dancing around my room. When I decided to take out my trash, there was seriously a mountain of trash in the trash room. I guess everyone else had the same idea as me to pack late too! I eventually fell asleep and had to wake up at 6 to check out one of my residents.

I also have breaking news in my life… I got rid of my Justin Bieber cardboard cutout. He was a great roommate but we had our differences. I will hopefully be replacing him next semester. I can’t decide if I should get a new cardboard cutout or get a plant. I’ll probably get a plant so I can perform experiments on it #strange.

The unnecessary amount of trash in the trash room.

Music Monday: Bieber Edition

As I’ve previously discussed, Justin Bieber is my roommate. Well, actually, it’s a cardboard cutout but he’s still technically my roommate. But the real Biebs released a music video for his song “Beauty and a Beat” two weeks ago and I just got around to watching it.

The video is set in the style of a home video, with Justin filming himself at a waterpark with dancers and such. If all waterparks were that fun and had celebrities, I’d be there every day! The video also features Nicki Minaj, who raps a verse toward the end. Overall, I thought it was a fun concept for a video and I definitely haven’t seen anything like it.

YouTube Preview Image

My Lost Child

Yesterday, I was minding my business in my room studying and doing homework, when I noticed some of my residents giggling in the study lounge next to my room. I didn’t think much of it until some of them walked by my room manically laughing. Then I knew something was up and realized that my Justin Bieber cardboard cutout was missing!

Justin looking traumatized after being kidnapped outside my window

After interrogating various residents and tackling a couple of people, I eventually narrowed it down to one resident who was the perpetrator. Then suddenly, one of my residents told me to look outside my window. Low and behold, Justin was outside my window!  As I tried to open my window to get him back inside the safety of my room, he suddenly disappeared!

After some tough negotiating, the perpetrator, Alex, eventually brought Justin back. Justin was obviously traumatized by the whole experience but he was eventually brought back in one piece! Tonight I’m making my friend Karleen babysit him in her room tonight just to protect his safety! We cannot have a repeat of last night! I now am currently plotting my retaliation!

FINALLY getting Justin back!

My Friend Justin

Everyone keeps teasing me saying how boring my room is since I only have like two posters and no rugs or anything. It was even described as a “cave” by one of my friends. So in an attempt to liven up my room a bit, I decided to browse the Party City website to find something exciting for my room.

The section that struck me was the cardboard cutout section. There were so many to choose from but I ultimately decided to get the Justin Bieber cutout. It was the best purchase decision of my life. The only downfall is that whenever my room is dark, I’m terrified that there is a person, but it’s just the Biebs! It’s like I have a roommate now!

My best friend/roommate Justin Bieber

Part of Spiderman

Let’s just say that a pop star cannot release a movie without me seeing it! That being said, since today is my friend Allison’s birthday, we are going to see the Katy Perry movie this weekend. Afterwards we’re supposed to go out and celebrate her birthday so I can’t wait!

The Katy Perry movie is called Part of Me and is in 3-D. It is supposed to show all the in-depth coverage of how she puts together her tour, her divorce from Russell Brand, and a little background into her life.

Since Katy isn’t exactly the type of music I listen to, hopefully we’ll be able to catch the new Spiderman movie afterwards but considering it’s over two hours long, maybe we’ll go another day!

Here’s the trailer for Katy:

YouTube Preview Image

And here’s the trailer for Spiderman:

YouTube Preview Image