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Hi! I'm Andre. I'm a senior double major in Political Science and Spanish at Butler and I'll be graduating in 2014.

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Music Monday: Home

I thought the song “Home” by Phillip Phillips would be appropriate for today since it’s the first official day I’m home from break. It definitely feels great having the semester behind my back and to go into the new semester. As long as it doesn’t snow this winter break, I’ll be one happy camper. But, anyway, back to the song.

Phillip Phillips is the most recent winner of American Idol and his style, from what I hear, is very similar to Mumford and Sons. I think the song is extremely catchy and the music video shows him on a tour bus riding down the rode and performing the song on his guitar. It’s not the most entertaining video but it definitely fits the song.

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Home Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

I’m FINALLY home! I arrived last night since I don’t have Friday classes. Since I was already home just a matter of days ago, it sort of feels the same. I, sadly, still have not snapped out of the waking up early for classes mood yet but don’t worry, I’ll get there eventually! For right now, I’m more excited about being able to eat some good home-cooked food!

Last night to celebrate being home, I decided to watch Jersey Shore. I saw that Snooki is pregnant so I wanted to watch her antics this season. This is the first episode I’ve watched this season since the third so you would think that I’ve missed a lot. But no, it’s the same antics, different episode. I got so bored after just 15 minutes that I turned my TV off and went to bed. I think I’m officially done watching the Shore and am instead looking forward to Snooki and JWOWW’s spinoff show! She’s the only reason I watch J-Shore so I’m excited for her own show!

Here’s a song thats gotten be in the mood for being home

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Project X

I made a really random trip back home this weekend, in part because I completely ran out of laundry and refuse to pay for it, and because I wanted to see my family! While home, I went to the movies with my friend Jessica to see the movie Project X. Before I get into why the movie was so horrible let me just say, I only recommend people to see this if they just want to see a ridiculously unnecessary movie.

Project X tells the story of three nerdy teenagers who aspire to be popular and decide to do so by throwing a party. Of course you know where this is going. The party gets really out of hand to te point where about 2,000 people show up. Of course it take the whole movie until the police arrive to break it up but the partiers fight back and the SWAT team is called in. …Really?


But wait, it gets worse. Right after completely unnecessary scenes of nudity, a crazy guy decides to bring a flame thrower and burns down everything in sight, including the guy who threw the party’s neighborhood. After the SWAT team makes the party disperse by pouring water on them, because the flame thrower wasn’t good enough, the boy’s parents return. And to really make this movie horrible, the boy’s father ends up being impressed with his son because he didn’t think he had it in him! No, his dad should’ve been a little more angry than a chuckle. And the ending gets even more unbelievable because he finally becomes popular and basically gets no punishment at all, even after inciting a riot, burning his neighborhood down, and driving his dad’s Mercedes in the pool.

This may have been the worst movie ever. I’d also not see it with family….. Or people in general… Nevertheless, it did look like a cool party.

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