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Hi! I'm Andre. I'm a senior double major in Political Science and Spanish at Butler and I'll be graduating in 2014.

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Potter Lecture

Yesterday for my class on The Politics of Harry Potter and the Hunger Games, we had a guest speaker, Bethany Barratt, who wrote one of the books we read for class, come talk to us about her thoughts on human rights and the series and how it relates to politics. We had a great conversation with her in class about how the Harry Potter series can have common daily political analogies and themes that were relevant to human rights, political mobilization, and youth in politics.

After our class discussion we all went over to Atherton for dinner where we got to discuss more closely some of the themes and get to know her on a more personal level. We also got to eat some delicious Asian food! Good job, Aramark! Finally, we ended our day with listening to Barratt speak about human rights more generally and how the language used to describe it has shifted post 9/11.

Me and my pal Austin waiting on food! You can tell he was overjoyed with excitement.

Me and my pal Austin waiting on food! You can tell he was overjoyed with excitement.

Mr Kardashian The Frog

One of the classes I’m taking this semester is called the Politics of Harry Potter and the Hunger Games. My teacher jokingly said we could get extra credit if we bring in a cat, toad, or an owl just like in the book series so I got a toad and I’m bringing him to class! I’ve named him Mr. Kardashian. He’s a fire-bellied toad and he was really cheap from the pet store!

He has been my project all day. I have to feed him mealworms and give him adequate light and water. He keeps trying to climb out of his tank so hopefully he’s just being energetic and it’s not a sign that he hates me!

Unfortunately toads aren’t allowed in residence halls so I’m letting one of my friends who lives in an off campus house keep him for me but I’m still claiming him as my child. Can’t wait to get my extra points!

Mr. Kardashian living large.

Mr. Kardashian living large.