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Hi! I'm Andre. I'm a senior double major in Political Science and Spanish at Butler and I'll be graduating in 2014.

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Another Day…. With Tornadoes!

This morning I was woken up by my RA who informed me that everyone in the building had to head to the basement because of a tornado watch! It was scary at first but I had never been under a tornado watch before so it was exciting nonetheless!

I had purchased the Taylor Swift CD the night before so this gave me the chance to listen to it! It was an ok album. I think Taylor Swift is still her best album to date. I’m more of a hardcore Lady Gaga fan so I’m more partial to mainstream pop music even though I love country as well.

After the tornado warning expired I was happy to hear that my Chemistry class was canceled! I still had to go to three other classes but it still made my day (Even though I love Chemistry!).

Tonight I’m going to a seminar at Clowes Hall about the future of Islam in America. I feel as though it will be a very informative talk and hopefully I can learn something about Islam from it!

That’s all for today! The random song of the day today is my favorite song from Taylor Swift’s new album

Random Song of the Day: “Innocent” by Taylor Swift.

Random Photo of the Day:

This is Clowes Hall where I'll be seeing the "Future of Islam in America" seminar tonight

This Upcoming week!

I’ve decided to call October “FUNTOBER”!!!

This week, although I have a Spanish Quiz and I have to write a paper, I am going on a Cru Retreat. It is a Christian retreat and it is going to be all weekend. The next week we only have classes for 3 days because of Fall Break. The week after that it is Homecoming week and finally the weekend after that is Halloween! The fraternity Lambda Chi is going to be hosting a Haunted House and it is nationally recognized as being one of the best haunted houses ever, according to one of my friends who lives in the house.

Also, on October 26, there is a seminar on religion and the topic is going to be on “The Future of Islam.” It sounds interesting and I get to achieve part of my Cultural Requirement. The Cultural Requirement at Butler is an initiative to get students to go out and get involved in new learning opportunities. Students have to attend about two of these events a year (or “8 before you graduate”) which isn’t a bad deal considering that the events are free and are interesting. You can go to plays, see the Butler ballet, and attend other various events featured at Clowes Hall to reach the requirement.

Random Photo of the Day:

This is the Statue of Persephone at the middle of Holcomb Gardens on campus

Majors at Butler

I received a recent inquiry about what types of majors and academics Butler provides so I decided to devote a blog post towards it. Butler offers over 60 majors which you can view here. In this post, I am going to highlight a few.

This year is the first school year for the College of Communications and I am glad to be part of its inaugural year. In the college, there are a wide range of majors from Journalism, which is what I am doing, to Recording Industry Studies.

In the College of Education, there are also a variety of majors. Of course there’s Elementary Education in which you can go into but, for those who are undecided as to what major they want, you can be an Exploratory Studies major until you decide what career path you want to go into.

In the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, you can go into either Pre-Pharmacy or Pre-Physician Assistant. Pharmacy is a great career path to go into, especially at Butler. Pharmacy majors at Butler have a 100 percent job placement rate upon graduation which is phenomenal, especially considering the pay rates.

There are many more fields one can enter at Butler including Business, Fine Arts, Liberal Arts, and many Pre-Professional Programs. For any questions regarding majors and Butler life, feel free to leave a comment or visit Butler’s homepage.

Random Photos of the Day:

This is the sign in front of Jordan Hall where many of my classes are

This is one of the entrances to Jordan Hall