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Hi! I'm Andre. I'm a senior double major in Political Science and Spanish at Butler and I'll be graduating in 2014.

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Winding Down

The semester is almost at a close and I just had to sit back and think about how fast it went by! There is only about two more weeks before summer vacation which is weird since it seems like I just moved in my dorm seemingly days ago! And now, before you know it, I have to move on back out! It feels so weird to say that I am halfway done with college.

But before I get too caught up in the future, I still have some papers and projects due before the end of the semester which means that I am going to have a very busy weekend. I have a research project due in my Research class, a final creative project due in my Spanish class, a paper due in my Constitutional Law class, another paper due in my GHS class, and a final project due in my Web Design class! Three words: busy, busy, busy!

When I had to hideaway in Schwitzer during the power outage, my friend Lauren from the paper was there to save the day!!

Asian Adventure

For my East Asian Interactions class we were assigned to go to the Indianapolis Museum of Art and write about five different pieces of art from different Asian time periods. I’ve been to the IMA before with an art class so I knew what to expect but there were a lot of beautiful pieces! A group of four of us from class walked over to the museum since it was so close but we couldn’t stay and enjoy it for long since I had class right after.

It took us a while to find all five pieces but eventually we were able to get everything done in time for me to run back to class! I was a couple of minutes late but class hadn’t yet started so all was well! The weather was also really nice as well so I’m a little disappointed we couldn’t stay and look at all the exhibits. Oh well, I guess I’ll come back another time and bring my family!

Here is one of the more interesting pieces. It's supposed to be of a warrior from the Han dynasty.

Rainy Sunday

So today has been a wet and rainy day BUT I’d say it’s better than it being 90 degrees! The only bad part is that my umbrella keeps breaking from the wind!

Despite the so-so weather, I am excited for a couple of upcoming events. The first one I am excited for is the Indianapolis Mayoral Debate! It is going to be held on campus in Clowes Hall on Oct. 5 AND it’s free! How much better can it get?!? Melina Kennedy, the Democratic candidate is also holding a forum before the debate with some Butler students to get their ideas on issues. I wish I could go but I have class during the time of the session. :(

Another thing I am excited for is the seminar on Russian Orthodoxy at Clowes on Oct. 18. I know, it sounds extremely boring but, I am taking a GHS class on Contemporary Europe and we are talking about some of the same topics that will be discussed so I think I will find it interesting!

YouTube Preview Image

Here is a cool YouTube video of different photos of Butler with the fight song in the background.