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Hi! I'm Andre. I'm a senior double major in Political Science and Spanish at Butler and I'll be graduating in 2014.

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Zoo Living

One of the greatest parts of the Butler D.C. program is that the residence is literally a 5 minute walk to the National Zoo! An even greater perk is that entrance into the zoo is free! You can literally walk around at any hour you like for absolutely free! Needless to say, I’ve been multiple times.

Last week, after working on assignments in the library by my apartment, I decided to check out the zoo on my way back. It was a bit chilly but that didn’t stop me! I grabbed some Starbucks and checked it out! One of the first little furry animals I saw was a little red fox chewing on some leaves. It was extremely precious. I slightly debated stealing it!

This red fox was begging me to take it home with me!

This red fox was begging me to take it home with me!

After I made friends with the fox, I ventured over to the new panda exhibit. There’s a new baby panda at the zoo named Bao Bao and I was the first of my D.C. friends to see her! She was strutting her stuff with her mom and I had to fight my way to the front of the crowd to see her! It was definitely a successful visit!

Little baby Bao Bao playing around with her mom!

Little baby Bao Bao playing around with her mom!


It’s Finals! Getting Down With Finals!

Hopefully “Friday” is now stuck in your head!

Finals are almost over which is very exciting because it means no more tests. As soon as my final is over I have to head back to my dorm and check out and return my keys and then I’m heading home, never to return until the start of next semester!

I’ve been procrastinating and just started studying yesterday. But, I technically consider it getting ahead! Who says studying three days ahead is procrastinating!?

So while my attention should be focused on finals, I can’t help but be excited for the upcoming new show The X Factor. It’s like a new version of American Idol & is coming to FOX this year. And one of my favorite celebrities, Cheryl Cole, is supposed to be a judge on the show which makes it even better! Plus, it has Simon Cowell! How can you go wrong there!?

Here’s one of the commercials for the new show!

YouTube Preview Image