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Hi! I'm Andre. I'm a senior double major in Political Science and Spanish at Butler and I'll be graduating in 2014.

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Fall Break!

I had a great time on fall break! I’ll go through the days saying what I did on each:

Wednesday: On Wednesday after my last class I drove my friend from high school who also goes to Butler home. As soon as I got home I got Chipotle and took a long nap! Then one of my other friends, Angela, found out I was in the area and I visited her house where I helped her with Physics homework (not my favorite thing to do but it was great to catch up!).

Thursday: I did not really have a productive Thursday. The only thing I did was getting a much needed haircut!

Friday: Friday was definitely my most productive day! I finished my laundry at home which is good because I dislike doing it in the crowded laundry room at school Saturday evenings! My advice is to do it on Friday nights or on weekday nights on a day when you do not have much homework in order to avoid a lot of people. After this I had lunch at Panera Bread with one of my best friends, Colleen. Then I spent the rest of my day at Loyola University in Chicago where many of my friends attend school. It was plenty of fun and I had my first ride on the CTA train. After this experience, I think I’ll just stick to driving my car. Also at Loyola, they had Midnight Madness which was a pep rally in support of their basketball team. I made sure to constantly remind my friends and everyone else around how much better Butler’s team is!

Saturday: Today I finished my Spanish homework. It was surprisingly the only thing I had to do! I plan on going to lunch with my friend Jessica and going to a haunted house later!

Fall Break this year actually did not go by too fast which was a pleasant surprise! Next week is homecoming, which should be fun!

Random Song of the Day: “You Won’t Forget About Me” by Dannii Minogue

Random Photo of the Day:

This is from retreat. It was one of the friendly horses!