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Hi! I'm Andre. I'm a senior double major in Political Science and Spanish at Butler and I'll be graduating in 2014.

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Great Season

Last night the men’s basketball team suffered a very close loss but definitely fought a long, hard fight and I couldn’t be any prouder! It’s tough to end the season so early but I can’t wait until next season when I’m sure, no matter what, they won’t disappoint.

Starting the day yesterday I planned on not watching the game since I had tons of homework and I usually can’t handle high stress games like the NCAA tournament. But, I couldn’t help but watch after hearing all the cheers and screams coming from people in my hallway, I couldn’t help but watch in bits and pieces in between reading for Spanish.

Even though this season didn’t end the way we would have hoped, at least we have the opportunity to start fresh in a new conference next year to really show the other teams what we’re made of, which is extremely exciting.

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Couldn’t Stay Away

Today was sort of an off day since students weren’t moving in today so I had a lot of free time to get laundry done and run errands. Campus was actually pretty quiet today, which I’m sure will change really soon once everyone moves in tomorrow! But as of right now, things are pretty calm.

Since I was a little bored, I decided to visit my old stomping grounds at the Collegian. It was so great seeing everyone and catching up. I guess I couldn’t even stay away for a week! I had to quit this semester since I am starting as an RA but it was definitely weird being in the office and not having to do anything for a change. Hopefully I’ll be able to visit again soon during the semester!

Lauren and I reunited in the Collegian office!

Last Newspaper

This morning I wrote my last article for the Collegian. It was sort of a bittersweet moment since I’m happy I don’t have to write anything else but I’m also sad it’s over. I had to cover the men’s golf team this week and their tournament at Ball State.

Last Wednesday we had our last meeting of the year and for our last ice breaker we had to say our favorite Collegian memory. I had so many it was hard to narrow down but I think my favorite was my birthday when everyone signed a card and made me a gift! I’m so sad I won’t be able to do newspaper next year since I’ll be so busy but I’ll definitely come back if my second semester clears up!

Doing the Delta Gamma hand sign at the last meeting of the year!

Back To Real Life

So I always go back and forth on whether I have social networking or not but I can announce (again) that I have a Twitter! I know, I’m finally back to real life. I did it in the wee hours of the night last night while I was bored in the Collegian office. I was supposed to have been writing my golf story but don’t worry, it eventually got done!

I have currently amassed a whopping 22 followers so I’m basically a big deal as of now. I have gone a little crazy with the Tweeting as of right now and have probably tweeted about 60 times. I’ll most likely take a break for the next two days!! It’ll probably be well needed as I have so many assignments due next week!

Me in my awkward boredom when I should have been writing... Whoops!

Best Gift Ever

So yesterday was my birthday and it was a good day! I ate lots of sweet and got a few presents and cards from friends. I, unfortunately, still had to go to class but it was still a good day! I also got money and things from my family that I can’t wait to spend/use this weekend!

Also, one of the sports hats I ordered came in the mail yesterday right on time for my birthday to complete my collection! It was fate that it came on my birthday and it’s like a birthday gift to myself!

The best gift I got yesterday was the one I got from the staff at the Collegian. When I got to our staff meeting last night, I was shocked to see that everyone had signed a card wishing me a Happy Birthday and that they had put together a Sportswriting book with Kim Kardashian on the front for me! It was the nicest thing ever and was so so so happy! I’ll definitely be using my gift often!

This is the gift they made for me at the Collegian!

I’m In a Band

Tonight, when we were bored in the Collegian office, five of us decided to make a new band called Madison and the Typesetters. We’re a newly formed punk feminist band and we’re obviously going to take the world by storm.

I’m at backup vocals and lead guitar, which kind of makes me a big deal, except for the fact that I can’t sing or play an instrument. We’re even going to make our first single, and it’s called “Bad News.”

Although I wish we actually were starting a band, I do plan on writing a song. Watch out, Adele, Andre’s coming for ya! I don’t know what it’s going to be about or what it’ll sound like but it’s going to happen.

This is probably be my next single cover. It's wacky enough to get my point across!


Spring Break Countdown

Spring Break is two weeks away and I couldn’t be more excited. No, I’m not going anywhere fancy like Florida or Mexico, but I’m just excited to catch up on some good sleep and not have to do assignments. Maybe I’ll even read a book! The only sad part is that it only lasts a week. And if the weather stays the same, it’ll probably be cold too. But the good outweighs the bad!

To celebrate the glorious occasion, the Collegian is planning a Spring Break insert and I was assigned to write a playlist of songs needed to have a good break. I also had to pick five books that are must haves for the week, too. It was so hard picking just five songs since there are so many good ones, but I managed to survive.

But, if this song isn’t on your Spring Break playlist, you just won’t have a good time!

YouTube Preview Image

Back Into Gear

So the semester is officially back into gear and the assignments are pouring in! I already have papers and projects assigned for next week! YIKES!

Last night I spent most of my time in the Collegian office working on the paper since the first issue of the semester comes out today. I wrote a game recap on the women’s basketball team. You can read it here. I had a lot of fun writing it and can’t wait to find out what I’ll be writing for next week. I really like the women’s team so hopefully I’ll get assigned their game against Green Bay tomorrow.

Since I was in the Collegian office all night, I missed the President’s State of the Union Address. I looked online to find everyone commenting that it looked like Joe Biden kept falling asleep so I’m really disappointed that I missed it. I’m sure I’ll hear all about it on the news today. But in the meantime, I’ll be finishing up my homework for today! After leaving newspaper last night I was too tired to finish all my assignments so now I’ve been scrambling to get it all done this morning! Ahhhh…. procrastination at its finest.

Here's a picture of me and my friend Amber doing a pose I've dubbed the "Tyra Banks!"


The Comeback

Since I’ve been assigned to cover the women’s basketball games for The Collegian I had to watch them online. The first game against UIC was really painful to watch and they lost pretty handily. But the second game against Loyola was just the opposite!

The Bulldogs started off slow, being down by as much as 17 points. At first I wanted to turn away as I thought it would be a repeat of the UIC game. But, after half-time, it was like there was a whole new team on the floor as the Bulldogs quickly came back. Both teams kept exchanging the lead but the Bulldogs came out on top winning the game 60-57!

I was happy the team won for two reasons. The first one is just because it’s Butler. The second reason is so now I won’t have to write a depressing sports story!

Here are clips from when Butler won against IUPUI last month.

YouTube Preview Image

Basketball Love

Last night I got my assignments for next week’s Collegian and I’m excited for my stories! I’m covering the two women’s basketball games this week. They play UIC tonight and Loyola on Saturday so I’ll have a busy couple of days. The men’s team coincidentally play on the same days and the same teams so hopefully both teams win both days!

Today is also my last day of classes for the week since I do not have Friday classes so hopefully I’ll be able to get an early start on my assignments. It’ll be weird always having a three day weekend. But I’ll be sure to find something to do! But I’ll also take full advantage of not having to wake up by a certain time for class by waking up at like 1 or 2!

Here’s a cheesy informational video about Hinkle Fieldhouse!

YouTube Preview Image