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Hi! I'm Andre. I'm a senior double major in Political Science and Spanish at Butler and I'll be graduating in 2014.

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Bowling for Days

So tonight I went bowling with my friend Karleen and, needless to say, I completely dominated. I normally throw gutters galore but tonight I successfully played one whole game without throwing a single one! My score ended up being like 83 but, since I was playing against such an amateur, I won pretty easily. ;)

We went to a place called Latitude 39 and it was really nice! It had neon lights, weird techno music, and great smelling food! So basically everything I’ve ever needed. The food there was awkwardly expensive so we got McDonald’s afterwards. I usually don’t like going off campus much on school nights but I did all my homework so I thought, “Why not!?”

I can’t wait to go again! I love playing against Karleen because she makes me feel better about how I play! Just kidding! …But seriously……

Taking the alley by storm!

Bowling Like A Champ

Yesterday I went with my residents to go bowling and let me tell you, I bowled like a champ. And by that I mean I got last place. But don’t worry, I got last place on purpose! I just didn’t want to shame them with my talent. So if anything, I was doing an act of charity. What a saint I am!

We went to the Woodland bowling alley, which was like 10 minutes away from campus speeding driving. We had so much fun eating, bowling, and taking tons of pictures. I got my first, and only strike, of the night while talking on the phone! So clearly my talent is heightened while I’m distracted.

After I got back to campus, I immediately went back to my room to finish up my homework, which I’m taking a break from now. I need to finish it all before my Super Bowl party tomorrow! Wish me luck!

Some of my bowling partners!