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Hi! I'm Andre. I'm a senior double major in Political Science and Spanish at Butler and I'll be graduating in 2014.

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Library of Congress

For my internship, I was able to pick up a book from the Library of Congress and it was an adventure to say the least! I got there easily since it’s across the street from the Capitol and it is a nice, beautiful building. I walked over and got to pass the Supreme Court building and eventually got there. It’s still pretty amazing to me how I pass by all of these awkwardly important buildings every day.

It took me twenty minutes to finally find the room I was going to. After that I was inspired to get a Library of Congress reader card so I could come back other times to do some reading and research and feel important.

Of course I got lost on my way there but I finally found it, got my card, and was on my merry way out! Thankfully it was a little warmer outside yesterday so I wasn’t cold on the way. Overall, it was a pretty funny adventure, even though I had no idea where I was 99 percent of the time.

The Library of Congress building

The Library of Congress building

How To: Buy Textbooks

Since the beginning of the semester is rapidly unfortunately approaching, I decided to do a post about how to buy textbooks from the Butler bookstore.

1. Go to the Butler bookstore website

2. After you’ve created an account and logged in, click the section that says textbooks and course materials.

3. Use your class schedule to find which books you need for your classes

4. After you’ve finished adding all your books to the shopping cart, you can then purchase your books that you can pick up once you arrive to campus.

It’s also good to know that you can purchase your books through other sites such as Amazon for cheaper options. But make sure you have the exact ISBN numbers from the bookstore website!

Spring Break Countdown

Spring Break is two weeks away and I couldn’t be more excited. No, I’m not going anywhere fancy like Florida or Mexico, but I’m just excited to catch up on some good sleep and not have to do assignments. Maybe I’ll even read a book! The only sad part is that it only lasts a week. And if the weather stays the same, it’ll probably be cold too. But the good outweighs the bad!

To celebrate the glorious occasion, the Collegian is planning a Spring Break insert and I was assigned to write a playlist of songs needed to have a good break. I also had to pick five books that are must haves for the week, too. It was so hard picking just five songs since there are so many good ones, but I managed to survive.

But, if this song isn’t on your Spring Break playlist, you just won’t have a good time!

YouTube Preview Image

Final(ly) Done!

I am officially done with my freshman year! After my Spanish final today, I felt like I could finally relax and not have to worry about any assignments. I could get used to this!

I also got to go into my dorm room for one last time. It was so weird seeing it completely empty! It reminded me of when I first moved in during August. There was even an echo when I spoke!

What made today even better was that the weather was nice and warm. I could finally drive down the highway with my windows rolled down and not be too cold! That’s until it started severely storming….. But then it stopped and got warm again!

To start my first day of summer on a good start, tomorrow I’m going to go to my local Borders and find a random summer book to read. It has been a tradition of mine for the last couple of years to go and get a random book and read it during the summer! Last summer I read “The Appeal” by John Grisham and really enjoyed it! Hopefully I get lucky again this summer and pick up another good book.

Random Video of the Day:

If you’ve read my previous posts, you’d know I’m obsessed with “Friday” by Rebecca Black! Welllllll, to keep up with tradition, here’s a hilarious video I couldn’t pass up sharing!

YouTube Preview Image

We So Excited…

Since it is the end of the year, there have been many events and activities scheduled on campus! On Saturday there was a platform on the mall and several bands played little gigs. Alongside the mini-concert was free tacos from West Coast Tacos! Free tacos and concert? I’m totally there!

Today there were crews of people setting up carnival rides and moon bounces on the mall. I did not stick around because it was raining but I am sure it was fun! I saw all the rides when I was coming back from selling my books back to the Butler bookstore. Only then did it strike me that my freshman year is basically over (except for those pesky finals but let’s disregard that!).

Random Video of the Day:

Although it is Monday, the song Friday is randomly stuck in my head so while looking it up online I came across this other Rebecca Black video!

YouTube Preview Image

Getting work done!

So the semester hasn’t even started yet but I already have an assignment! For my literature class I have to write about 250-500 words about “movement.” I actually like this assignment! For one it isn’t that long of an assignment and, since I’m a Journalism major, I love writing!

I picked up my books for the next semester and I’m excited to get into these new books. The one that looks most interesting is called “The Man Who Was Thursday” by G.K. Chesterton. It’s only 120 pages so that’s definitely appealing!

Random Song of the Day: “Crash Into Me” by Dave Matthews Band

Random Photo of the Day:

This is the view of Atherton Union from my dorm

A Day Downtown!

Recently, me and my friend Diana went to downtown Indy! She goes to IUPUI which isn’t far away and she was one of my friends from high school.  First we went to Qdoba which was great because I never had it before. Although it was good, I STILL like Chipotle more :).

Then later on we ate dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings and walked around downtown. We went into Borders and I got a new book! It’s by President Kennedy and is called “Profiles in Courage.” I don’t know why I purchased a new book because I have about eight others I haven’t started yet! But, I love reading so HOPEFULLY I can start on them soon.

That’s all for today!

Random Song of the Day: “Shout” by Tears for Fears

Random Photo of the Day:

This is the stack of books I have yet to finish on my desk!!