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Hi! I'm Andre. I'm a senior double major in Political Science and Spanish at Butler and I'll be graduating in 2014.

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April Fools

So April Fools, hands down, is my least favorite holiday. This is usually surprising to people since I’m sort of outgoing and wacky but no, it’s literally the worst thing since green beans. That being said, Google, as much as I love them, has gotten crazy with it and have created two new April Fools videos, one of which actually got me… One, which I can’t believe got me, is Google Nose which is supposedly new software that allows you to upload smells and send it to your friends via phones.

YouTube Preview Image

The second, which is more believable but thankfully I didn’t fall for, is Gmail Blue, which is basically Gmail but everything is blue. The thing I liked about this video is that it sort of disses Apple for creating the same product but pretending it’s different just with one little change. I guess it’s kind of funny to see such a large corporation really get into the spirit of the holiday but since I hate being tricked, I’ll like it from a distance!

YouTube Preview Image

I will admit both are very amusing and I’m curious to see what they come up with next year!

Team iPhone 5

As everyone knows, the iPhone 5 came out last week. And needless to say, I pre ordered it the day it was released. It shipped all the way from China and took a couple days to get here but it shipped to my house yesterday. Of course no one was home to get it from UPS but don’t worry, it’s being shipped to Butler so I should have it by today!

The look of defeat when I saw I wasn't getting my phone yesterday!

Today all of my classes were canceled so I can wait all day for it! I can’t wait to get it. I’ve already given it a pretentious name just for the heck of it. His name is Jacques (Yes, he’s French) and I can tell he’s going to be cool. Can’t wait until mail delivers today!

Unexpected Things

On Tuesday night my cellphone broke so Wednesday, after class, I had to go to the Apple store to receive a new one. I got it and all is well now. I am so lost without my phone!

Today on campus, free Slurpees were handed out. I know some people who got some but I sadly didn’t get to receive one because I had classes during the time they were handed out. Evidently they’re really good (I’ve never had one before).

Today was also an important day because I scheduled my classes for next semester! I met with my advisor yesterday so I could plan out which classes to take and luckily the classes I wanted weren’t taken up. The class I feel will be the most interesting is Ballroom Dancing. Yes, you read that correctly! It was one of the PE credit choices and I seized the opportunity because how many people do you know can say they know how to ballroom dance?

That’s all for today! Thanks for visiting my blog! Feel free to leave a comment!

Happy Veteran’s Day!

Random Song of the Day: “You & Your Heart” by Jack Johnson

Random Photo of the Day:

This was an interesting art exhibit I saw in the mall when I got my new phone