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Hi! I'm Andre. I'm a senior double major in Political Science and Spanish at Butler and I'll be graduating in 2014.

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I’m Happppppyyyyyyyyy (DC Edition)

Besides being happy that I’m in the city in general, I’m also pretty happy that the weather is finally, and hopefully, getting better for good! Words cannot describe how much I hate this cold weather. Is it too hard to ask for 50s-60s weather for a couple weeks!?  It’s all I hope and dream for.

After looking up the music video for the song “Happy” by Pharrell, I happened to stumble across this DC music video version of it. The video is pretty cheesy but I like it because I recognize most of the neighborhoods and sites in it, which makes me at least know I know a lot of the city so far.

I’ll get to know even more of the sites when I go on more tours and see more monuments in the upcoming weeks as part of class. I can’t wait to see the Lincoln Memorial since we’ve extensively discussed it in class but I’m just excited to explore all of the history in the city in general.

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16 Responses to I’m Happppppyyyyyyyyy (DC Edition)

  1. […] was browsing the Huffington Post last week and I found the best video ever. I’ve previously documented how much I like the song Happy by Pharrell so you should’ve seen the face of happiness (get […]

  2. I’m HAPPY for this Happiness Day

  3. Amine says:

    Pharrell Williams – Happy

  4. maroc press says:

    Bombity! Also Watch: Happy Pharrell Los Angeles Kids…Very funyny

  5. AhmeD says:

    This makes me feel good

  6. radah says:

    I listen to this song because I’M HAPPY ! B) <3 And you ? :)

  7. lamusiquerai says:

    Wow I am really live what am listening to.

  8. mouazen says:

    What a great song, Thanks ;)

  9. Because I’m happy!!!!!!

  10. Andre says:

    I listen to this song because I’M HAPPY

  11. i like pharrell williams’s songs

  12. i’am happy too …:D

  13. Carlos says:

    “Happy” song by Pharrell is my fav song :)

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