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Hi! I'm Andre. I'm a senior double major in Political Science and Spanish at Butler and I'll be graduating in 2014.

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Archive: May 2013

Music Tuesday: Beyoncé

So I’m a day late with my Music Monday so I decided to make a Music Tuesday today. It has been so bright and sunny out lately so I thought it would be fitting for today’s Music Tuesday to be dedicated to Beyoncé and her song in the H&M commercial “Standing On The Sun.”

Beyoncé is the new face of the swim line at H&M, which happens to be my favorite clothing store. Her commercial for the line is glorious to say the least. It involves her dancing and frolicking around on the beach. If only I looked that great on the beach. Instead, I look like a beached whale that gets awkward and gangly. But I digress.

Unfortunately I don’t wear bikinis so I can’t get any clothes from the line but I can admire from afar, in the least creepy sounding way possible.

YouTube Preview Image

Party at Carney’s

So the professor of my Don Quixote class, Dr. Carney, invited the class over for dinner and refreshments at her house. I’ve previously been to her house from previous classes with her so I was glad to obligue. My friend Nicole, who is also in the class, and I decided to go together and, as always, it was tons of fun.

She served us pasta, sauce, sparkling water, salad, garlic bread, cupcakes, and coffee. It was all so delicious and I was definitely stuffed when we left! We got to sit on her couches and look at all the cool things in her house, including a samurai sword, sage she got from Spain, and an organe tree her husband has grown/kept since he was in college. So it’s basically a house full of discoveries and I love it. I highly recommend taking a class with Dr. Carney!

Nicole, Dr. Carney, and I looking great! I'm holding the sage we got to smell.