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Hi! I'm Andre. I'm a senior double major in Political Science and Spanish at Butler and I'll be graduating in 2014.

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Archive: December 2012

Blogging Party

Yesterday we had our annual blogger’s Christmas Party at our boss’, Kristen’s, house. And once again, it was a blast! When we first got there, thanks to Katie‘s glorious driving, we were able to eat. Kristen had prepared us some delicious food and I definitely ate too much! While we ate, all of us bloggers got to catch up and talk about the current state of our semesters and how things have been since the last time we met up.

After we chatted, we proceeded to watch the movie Elf. Elf is one of those movies that almost everyone else but me has seen and everyone seemingly quotes it and references it and I never get the jokes. But I unfortunately could not concentrate as there was only one thing on my mind, building the Gingerbread house. I’ve never built one before so it was definitely a life-changing experience. I designated myself as being the person who placed the icing that held the house together so needless to say, I had the most important job.

Afterwards, Kristen gave us all gifts and we were able to make it back to Butler, where I started studying for finals.

Katie and I at the blogging party!

Christmas Shopping

Today I went Christmas shopping for all the people I need to go shopping for. Not only did I get my friend Karleen part 2 of her Christmas gift, I also got a little Christmas gift for myself from J Crew. I got a nice new sweater that will hopefully get me through finals week next week! But until then, I’ll just have to make do with what’s already in my closet.

It was also surprisingly crowded at the mall today. I literally had to park in the last row of cars so evidently everyone else got the bright idea to go Christmas shopping today just like me. Hopefully all the people I bought gifts for like them! Christmas shopping is my least favorite thing to do because I never know what to give people. I’d rather just give a gift card!

The mystery J Crew bag!

Music Monday Madness

I’ve been going through a weird phase lately where I’ve been listening to alternative music. So it has been nothing but Coldplay, Muse, and Lana Del Rey for me! But starting yesterday I’ve been listening to Muse on repeat. Evidently they’ve been around since the 90s but I just discovered them a few years ago at the VMAs. And I’ve definitely been missing out! I love their music!

The song by them I’m currently loving is called “Madness,” which is on their most recent album. It reminds me of a modern take on Queen or Coldplay meets anthemic rock. The music video for the song is very interesting with technicolor lights, riot police, and a couple in a subway fighting. Basically everything I’ve ever wanted in a music video.

YouTube Preview Image

Nice Residents

On Friday night, my faculty in residence took about 25 people from our wing in our residence hall to see the Nutcracker for free! She had snacks and food in her apartment before the performance and then I walked over with my residents to see the ballet. It was such a great performance and it was nice recognizing people I knew in the ballet.

Yesterday, as I was minding my business in my room, I got a knock at my door from some of my residents bearing gifts for me! It was so nice since I wasn’t expecting it! Aly gave me a Santa Claus  sticky and wrote me a nice letter while Tammy got me a scarf and bear from Starbucks. I’m glad they thought of me enough to get me a gift!

Posing with my gifts!