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Hi! I'm Andre. I'm a senior double major in Political Science and Spanish at Butler and I'll be graduating in 2014.

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Archive: July 2012

Olympics Basketball

Instead of being captivated by the swimming events in the Olympics, I’ve instead been heavily invested in watching the USA men’s basketball team in this year’s Olympics! I’ve been mostly enjoying it since we’ve been demolishing all of the teams we’ve played, which is great because I hate sitting through a whole game only for my team to lose. I also like it because it’s not every day that you see Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, who happen to be my two favorite basketball players, play on the same team.

Since I haven’t been watching all the other events, I have been trying to feel as though I’ve been supporting all the other athletes by checking the medal totals on Yahoo every day and as of right now the USA is tied with China with the most medals won. Hopefully by the end of the Olympics we will be able to pull away and win the most! As you can tell, the Olympics usually bring out the competitive side of me! Either we win or I’ll be a very unhappy camper!

Here’s a video of the USA basketball team

YouTube Preview Image



Back To School Shopping

Yesterday I went shopping at Target to start buying things I need for this upcoming school year. I was really shocked I didn’t need that many things. It seemed like I bought a million things going into my sophomore year so it’s nice that I didn’t have to spend as much money this year. I mostly just needed new notebooks and pencils.

The biggest, and most expensive item, I needed was a new mini fridge since the one I had last year mysterious stopped working. I decided not to get the Yankees fridge I have been coveting for years, but hopefully this lasts longer than a year!

My box O' supplies!

How To: Buy Textbooks

Since the beginning of the semester is rapidly unfortunately approaching, I decided to do a post about how to buy textbooks from the Butler bookstore.

1. Go to the Butler bookstore website

2. After you’ve created an account and logged in, click the section that says textbooks and course materials.

3. Use your class schedule to find which books you need for your classes

4. After you’ve finished adding all your books to the shopping cart, you can then purchase your books that you can pick up once you arrive to campus.

It’s also good to know that you can purchase your books through other sites such as Amazon for cheaper options. But make sure you have the exact ISBN numbers from the bookstore website!

Welcome Week

So I just got word that I’ll be having freshmen in my unit as well as sophomores and international students which I’m excited about because now I get to participate in all the Welcome Week activities I missed as a freshman (FYI I missed them because I was sick). And since freshmen move in earlier than sophomores, there will be less time for my unit being empty since I have to move in early for RA training.

Although I’m looking forward to Block Party, I’m most excited to see what Play Fair is. Everyone says it’s their favorite part of welcome week but since I missed it last year, I’m curious to see what makes it so fun.

Here’s a video showing what Play Fair is:

YouTube Preview Image

Favorite Indianapolis Spot

I previously did a post on my favorite on campus place. So today I decided to do a post on my favorite place to eat in Indianapolis. Though there are a ton of good options in Broad Ripple, like Bagel Ripple Deli and Buffalo Wild Wings, my favorite place to eat would have to be Cafe Patachou.

I was introduced to Cafe Patachou by my friend Anne during finals week last semester. Though I’m happy she introduced me to it, I’m sad she didn’t do it sooner! They have the best breakfast food and omelets. Each time I’ve been I’ve gotten something different and they haven’t disappointed. My favorite thing to get is their oatmeal and toast. The best part about Cafe Patachou is that they are only like 3 minutes away from campus so anyone with a car could stop by at any time.

Here’s a video about it:

YouTube Preview Image


Aurora Victims

I wanted to devote this post to the victims in the movie theatre in Aurora, CO. I usually don’t talk about sad subjects in my blog but I thought it would be appropriate to show my support to the victims in some kind of way. For some reason I did not find out until nighttime on Friday as to what happened but I was shocked nonetheless. I think it really hit close to home since it was a movie I talked about seeing with friends the day before and that it could have been anybody, almost anywhere.

I was watching Anderson Cooper explain it all and he brought up a good point. It’s important for us not to remember the shooter but to instead remember the victims that were affected. After every shooting, nationwide people remember the shooter more than they remember the victims to I think it’s important for us to try to at least offer our support to the victims whether it’s just a Tweet or anything.

Here’s a video of two of the people at the movie theatre talking about their experiences:

YouTube Preview Image


My Childhood is Back

Yesterday, as I was browsing the internet, I got the best news ever. Pixar is making a Toy Story 4 and a Finding Nemo 2! They both won’t be ready until like 2016 but I’m still excited nonetheless. The only thing I’m confused about is Finding Nemo 2. How can you find him again!? I’m also conflicted about there being another Toy Story since I love where the last movie ended. But I’ll take a new one any day!

Until those movies come out, I can still get excited for Monsters University to come out next year. Monsters University is the prequel to Monsters Inc that shows the two monsters when they met in college. The trailer looks hilarious and since I’m already in college I’ll be able to relate. It’s like Pixar just knows what movies I want to see again! Like I would not be upset if all of these movies went on for years.

Here’s the trailer for Monsters University:

YouTube Preview Image

The League

I’ve recently discovered the show The League and I have to say that I’m hooked! It’s a show about a group of friends that have a fantasy football league and do anything they can to win. The show basically revolves around them doing anything they can to win and tricking each other into make bad trades, etc. My favorite character is, not surprisingly, the character André who is a rich plastic surgeon but gets made fun of because he always dresses inappropriately for his age.

The show has actually inspired me to start my own fantasy football league. But, there are two problems with this: 1. I don’t know much about football other than team names & 2. I don’t know who will play it with me! But, in the mean time, I’ve devoted my life to watching ESPN and getting football updates so I can win.

YouTube Preview Image


The Olympics are going to be held in London this year and there has definitely been a lot of promotion because it is everywhere! It has been on TV, magazines, the radio, literally everywhere! It has even invaded my breakfast!

There has been Olympics stuff on my cereal!

But I’m really looking forward to a couple things involving the Olympics. First, I heard Adele is performing at either the opening or closing ceremony so I’m curious to see what kind of spectacular performance she will put on. And second, I’m looking forward to seeing if Michael Phelps will dominate again like he did in 2008.

Needless to say, it was still delicious!

Favorite Campus Spot

The other day I was thinking about what my favorite place on campus would be and I’d have to say it’s Holcomb Gardens. I actually like it for various reasons but the biggest reason is that it’s a place where you can study quietly outside. At certain times it doesn’t get much people traffic so it’s great to just lay out on the grass and get work done.

But I also love the fact that it’s right next to the Monon Trail so you can even use it to go running on a nice day. A lot of sports go on there as well so it’s really a multi-use kind of place. I’m thinking of bringing a bike to campus this year just so I can ride it on the trail in the gardens.

YouTube Preview Image