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Hi! I'm Andre. I'm a senior double major in Political Science and Spanish at Butler and I'll be graduating in 2014.

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Pony Express

This summer I’ve decided to pick up the forgotten pastime of writing letters. Yes, there is such a thing other than email! I saw a news report that said the Postal Service was considering getting rid of mail delivery on Saturdays because of lack of mail, which inspired me to become a one man army to save it! Even though the mail is much slower than email, I always feel important when I get mail so it’s a win for me.

I got these cool letter and envelope paper from my blogging supervisor Kristen that have a very creative Butler picture on it so it came right in handy (Thanks, Kristen!). So far I’ve written two letters, one to my friend Jill and the other to myself! Who says you can’t get mail from yourself!? This actually isn’t the first time I’ve mailed myself something since I sometimes mail home things from Butler so they’ll be home for me!

The cool new stationary I got from Kristen! It has definitely been going to good use!

2 Responses to Pony Express

  1. Andre says:

    Thanks! Saving the world one letter at a time!

  2. Kristen Raves says:

    Ahh, forgot to tell you your welcome:) I’m glad your one man army is allowing mail to resume on Saturdays. Well, that is what I hear anyway. :)

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