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Hi! I'm Andre. I'm a senior double major in Political Science and Spanish at Butler and I'll be graduating in 2014.

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Archive: June 2012

American Horror Story

American Horror Story is the scariest and most graphic show I’ve ever seen and I love it! I’ve decided to make a quick vlog showing the effects its been having on me and my sleep depravation! It’s a show about a house that if people die in it, then their ghost stays there forever. The second season is supposed to be based in a mental institution so I can’t wait! Jessica Lange is supposed to play the head of the mental institution so I’m really excited because she was excellent in the first season.

YouTube Preview Image




Andre Lisa

I’ve been staying up extremely late each night this week browsing the internet and last night I discovered Face In Hole, where you can place your face inside any picture you want! Since I don’t have Photoshop, this is like the most entertaining thing ever.

This was the day when I stood in as a body double for President Obama.... No big deal!

I’ve literally taken about 15 of these photos. My favorite is that of the Mona Lisa. I definitely think I’ve captured her smile perfectly! Who knows, maybe this new obsession with putting my face in a hole will lead me to being discovered as the next Leonardo da Vinci (Probably not)!

Honestly, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference!

Shopping Scarcity

The school year is ironically the time I shop the most which is weird since it’s the time I’m busiest. That being said, I haven’t gone shopping or to the mall since before the semester ended! This is good and bad. It’s good because it means I’ve probably broken my strange shopping addiction but it’s bad because I haven’t gotten anything new in a month!

To solve this conundrum, and since I was too lazy to go to the mall, I decided to embrace my inner online shopper and order things online! I ordered clothes from American Eagle and I ordered some new gym shoes from Puma. So far I’m still awaiting the arrival of my shoes but my clothes came on Friday. THANK GOODNESS! It felt like a mini Christmas.

My clothes that came in on Friday! Still waiting on my shoes!

Rock of Ages

I’m not huge on musicals but I’ve decided to see the movie Rock of Ages. Although the costumes and hair look cheesy, I live for movies like this! It looks like one of those movies that although you’ll agree it’s not Oscar worthy, you’ll enjoy it anyway! Critics have been giving it bad reviews but I never usually agree with critics so I’ll see it anyway.

I know the movie is based on a musical of the same name and the movie stars Tom Cruise, which is one of the biggest reasons why I want to see it since I’ve never heard him sing before. It also stars Russell Brand and Alec Baldwin, which is definitely an interesting mix of actors. I’m supposed to be seeing the movie and eat at Chipotle with my friend Allison tomorrow and I’ll try to vlog it! I always want to try vlogging but always forget to pull out my camera. But I’m determined not to forget this time.

Here’s a trailer to the movie:

YouTube Preview Image

Best Day Ever

I have a (not so secret) secret Twitter account where I only tweet at celebrities I like. And last night as I was doing my daily job of trying to get the Kardashians to notice me, I got a tweet from the one and only Khloe Kardashian! In case you don’t get why this is such a big deal to me, you should know that Kim is my future wife (no big deal).

Khloe tweeted at me about their interview with Oprah that was on last night. I’m surprised she even tweeted me since she has 7 million followers but that’s just the power of André! Kim has 15 million followers so it’s going to be a lot tougher to get her to notice me but I’m determined!

The tweet heard around the world!

Pony Express

This summer I’ve decided to pick up the forgotten pastime of writing letters. Yes, there is such a thing other than email! I saw a news report that said the Postal Service was considering getting rid of mail delivery on Saturdays because of lack of mail, which inspired me to become a one man army to save it! Even though the mail is much slower than email, I always feel important when I get mail so it’s a win for me.

I got these cool letter and envelope paper from my blogging supervisor Kristen that have a very creative Butler picture on it so it came right in handy (Thanks, Kristen!). So far I’ve written two letters, one to my friend Jill and the other to myself! Who says you can’t get mail from yourself!? This actually isn’t the first time I’ve mailed myself something since I sometimes mail home things from Butler so they’ll be home for me!

The cool new stationary I got from Kristen! It has definitely been going to good use!

Clubs To Join

One of the great things about Butler is that though it is a small campus, there are so many clubs and activities to do and join. There are over 115 student organizations on campus which means there are definitely a lot of opportunities to get involved and meet new people.

I remember as an incoming freshman I wondered how I was gong to find out about and even join these clubs! Well that’s where Block Party comes in. Block Party is where all the student organizations on campus set up tables on the mall and everyone on campus is invited to go take a look at each one and sign up for the ones they are interested in. Each table usually has free items and you’re almost always guaranteed to go home with arms full of stuff!

Even all the fraternities and sororities have tables so if you’re interested in Greek life there’ll be tons of information of that as well. Here’s a quick video just showing how many people show up and what the atmosphere is like at Block Party. This year Block Party is on Tuesday August 21 from 5-7 p.m.

YouTube Preview Image



Summer Project

So pretty much everyone I know watches and is obsessed with the show Mad Men. Even TV Critics are heralding it as the best show on television. But after seeing the buzz the show’s season finale made last night, I decided to devote my whole summer to getting caught up so I can watch it next year. That is, if I like what I see!

From what I’ve gathered, the show centers around advertising executives in the 1960s, which sounds extremely boring on the surface but I won’t write it off completely until I watch it. Evidently some of the seasons are available on Netflix so I might be looking into a subscription there pretty soon!

Here’s a Sesame Street spoof of the show!

YouTube Preview Image

Making Friends

One of the biggest things I was worried about coming into Butler was making new friends after leaving  all of my old friends in high school. But when I came, I found out that everyone else was in the same situation and it was quite easy to make new friends! My biggest advice would be to get involved as much as possible to meet others with similar interests.

The way I met most of my friends was through the Ambassadors of Change program. It’s a program where you get to move in a week early and meet other freshmen while working on service projects throughout the city. It was a fun way to meet people and learn my way around Indianapolis! The best part is that you’re split into groups based on your interests. My group was devoted to law and government and we got to take a tour of the capitol building and go to the state fair! I definitely recommend anyone looking to meet new people before school starts to enroll in the program. It was so much fun and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

YouTube Preview Image

Up Up And Away

My never ending saga of renting movies has continued with the great movie Up. It’s the second Pixar movie I’ve watched this summer after Toy Story 3. For some reason I prefer watching movies years after they come out but end up regretting that I didn’t see it when it first came out. Pixar has another movie coming out this summer called Brave and after my recent luck with Pixar movies, I’m going to make an effort to see it in theatres.

Here’s the trailer for Brave:

YouTube Preview Image

Anway, back to Up! Up was such a good movie! I loved the visuals and the love story between the old man and his wife and all the minor characters. My favorite character was Doug who was a golden retriever but he wasn’t exactly the brightest tool in the shed. Plus, he could talk. But what made the movie even greater is that it had a happy ending.

Here’s my favorite scene featuring Doug. I love the part where he begs the bird to be his prisoner!

YouTube Preview Image