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Hi! I'm Andre. I'm a senior double major in Political Science and Spanish at Butler and I'll be graduating in 2014.

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Archive: May 2012

Follow The Leader

Although I’ve decided against studying abroad, I am still determined to learn Spanish. So in my recent boredom, I’ve decided to set up by own study abroad program from my home and watch nothing but Spanish Telenovelas on Univision and listen to hispanic music in my car.

So far, my biggest struggle has been completely understanding them when they talk fast on TV. Even after approaching my seventh year of studying Spanish, I still have a hard time with that, even with subtitles! So hopefully my the end of the summer I’ll be a pro.

But even though I’ve committed to watching Spanish shows, of course I can’t give up watching my favorite shows: the Kardashians, Glee, and Good Morning America!

Here is one of the songs I discovered while exploring new Spanish music. Anything with JLo in it, I’m automatically hooked! Plus, it’s mostly in English, which I also like! I can’t get over how different she looks! O.0

YouTube Preview Image


Moving Away

I am regretting everything I have ever purchased in my life. I am currently packing to go home for summer and I just have too many things! I have even made two prior trips home to take things out of my room and hopefully this is the last one I’ll have to make.

Resco, the building I live in, only has one rolling cart to rent so you can move things to your car so I’m hoping I can make a mad dash to rent it before anyone else after my class tomorrow. If not, I guess I’ll have to make countless trips back and forth to my car…. At least it’ll give me some good exercise!

My final load! Don't let its small size fool you, I also have to take out everything in my closet!

Finals Galore

Tomorrow starts the first day of finals and I’m trying desperately to contain my excitement. Cue the sarcasm. I have one each day this week which is really not motivating me to do anything. Instead, procrastination is getting the best of me and I’ve been looking up videos of Sophia Grace and Rose online instead of studying!

Don’t worry, I’ll start studying AFTER my nap! Thankfully I think I know the material pretty well for my tests so I’m trying not to be too worried! One of my friends has 3 finals in one day! So at least I’m lucky enough to have them spread out!

Well, I’m off to sleep/study!

Here’s a video of Sophia Grace & Rosie that I stumbled upon while studying! Here they’re meeting Nicki Minaj:

YouTube Preview Image