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Hi! I'm Andre. I'm a senior double major in Political Science and Spanish at Butler and I'll be graduating in 2014.

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Archive: March 2012

Live From New York

Saturday Night I stayed up late to watch Lindsay Lohan host Saturday Night Live. It was a really funny episode and it seemed to go by really fast! Although she did stumble over her lines a bit, I thought she did great. My favorite skits were the Real Housewives of Disney skit. It’s probably because I’m obsessed with all the Real Housewives shows!

But my enjoyment was short lived as I got sick the next day. Thank goodness I went home this weekend so I could be well taken care of by my family! I ended up being sick on Monday too but I’m better now! All I ate was a bagel and two bottles of Gatorade. Needless to say, I’m still starving!!

Here’s the Real Housewives video! It’s so much like the real thing!

Project X

I made a really random trip back home this weekend, in part because I completely ran out of laundry and refuse to pay for it, and because I wanted to see my family! While home, I went to the movies with my friend Jessica to see the movie Project X. Before I get into why the movie was so horrible let me just say, I only recommend people to see this if they just want to see a ridiculously unnecessary movie.

Project X tells the story of three nerdy teenagers who aspire to be popular and decide to do so by throwing a party. Of course you know where this is going. The party gets really out of hand to te point where about 2,000 people show up. Of course it take the whole movie until the police arrive to break it up but the partiers fight back and the SWAT team is called in. …Really?


But wait, it gets worse. Right after completely unnecessary scenes of nudity, a crazy guy decides to bring a flame thrower and burns down everything in sight, including the guy who threw the party’s neighborhood. After the SWAT team makes the party disperse by pouring water on them, because the flame thrower wasn’t good enough, the boy’s parents return. And to really make this movie horrible, the boy’s father ends up being impressed with his son because he didn’t think he had it in him! No, his dad should’ve been a little more angry than a chuckle. And the ending gets even more unbelievable because he finally becomes popular and basically gets no punishment at all, even after inciting a riot, burning his neighborhood down, and driving his dad’s Mercedes in the pool.

This may have been the worst movie ever. I’d also not see it with family….. Or people in general… Nevertheless, it did look like a cool party.

YouTube Preview Image

I’m an Old Person

Yesterday I had my second volunteer day at Kaleidoscope Youth Center, and I had even more fun than I did the first time! Instead of being with the middle school kids, I was assigned to play with the younger kids. And let me tell ya, it was so much easier.

One girl I helped needed help with her homework. Instead of needing to find the circumference of circles with the older kids, which is hard without a calculator, she needed help counting the number of pennies and writing the answer down.

After she needed help, the kids were allowed to go outside and play. After losing to a group of 7 year olds in football, we all decided to play freeze tag. And, not surprisingly, I lost miserably and could barely keep up with all the kids! Then I had to help each of them cross the monkey bars since they were so little and almost threw my back out doing it! Needless it say, I had a fun time playing with them and am uber excited to do the same next week.

The kids were probably as hyper as I was in this picture! ...Don't ask, by the way...!!