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Hi! I'm Andre. I'm a senior double major in Political Science and Spanish at Butler and I'll be graduating in 2014.

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I am FINALLY done shopping after a hectic day at the mall! Advice: NEVER go to the mall two days before Christmas if you plan on having a quick run and calmly browsing for gifts. Traffic was a little busier than expected but once I got to the mall, the lines were HUGE! I like being in crowds so it wasn’t too bad but I could barely even walk without bumping into people. It was like Black Friday part two!

I went to Yankee Candle to get some last minute gifts for my family. They had a buy one get one half off sale so that was an unexpected surprise! They had so many good smells that it was hard to choose which to get! Then I stopped by Carsons to get myself some new pajamas. Hopefully I don’t get any as a gift for Christmas! One of the good things about being at the mall on such a busy day is that I ran into so many people from high school that I knew! It was fun quickly catching up and promising to make plans during break!

As I left the mall traffic was getting heavier so I decided to get some Chipotle in hopes that there would be less people once I was done eating. Surprisingly, there was hardy anyone at Chipotle (I guess they were all shopping) and I had a nice relaxing dinner.

It was a fun day overall and I’m glad to finally be done with my last minute Christmas shopping! I caught a lot of good sales so I guess that’s a plus for putting it off for so long!

I promise here’s the last Christmas video I’ll share! It’s just so cheesy I couldn’t resist!

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