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Hi! I'm Andre. I'm a senior double major in Political Science and Spanish at Butler and I'll be graduating in 2014.

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Archive: October 2011

Filming in the Big City

For my Converged Journalism course I have to film myself interviewing different people and scenes for my final project. It has been going really well so far! I’m almost done doing all of my interviews! My topic is about the Indianapolis Public Schools. So I’ve had to interview school officials, students, and parents. It’s been really fun learning about how to shoot different angles and finding information to put into my project!

This week, students are starting to pick and enroll in courses for next semester! I am so indecisive and still can’t decide which courses I want to take! There are so many fun courses that I can’t decide! I have a short list of about 10 classes….. Hopefully I can get it down to 5 or 6 soon!!!

This is a candid photo my friend Maisie took of me filming at the state capitol building

That Didn’t Last Long!

As I mentioned previously, I made a Facebook over the weekend out of boredom. Well, as of yesterday, I deleted it again! It was just too confusing to handle! I’ll just be happy with my Twitter and leave Facebook alone!

In unrelated news, my Michael Bublé obsession has soared to new heights! Not only have I been listening to his new Christmas album non-stop on a continuous loop, but I’m also learning the words to all his other songs as well (If only I could sing!!)

One good thing I can say I’ve done this week is I haven’t been procrastinating! I got most of my homework for the week done yesterday! Now I have LOADS of free-time! Maybe now I’ll have time to watch the shows I’ve been meaning to catch up on like The X Factor and Modern Family!

I found this funny photo of myself from my British Literature project from last year! I was obviously enjoying nature that day!

I have no idea what I was doing in this picture..... But I still like it!

Back to the Present

Over the weekend I did the unthinkable… I created a Facebook! I was bored after finishing my homework and just decided to make one! It’s definitely different from what it was when I had my first Facebook. There are so many new features and tabs! It’ll take me a while to learn them all.

I’ve also been in the Christmas spirit today because Michael Bublé‘s Christmas album came out today! Although it is two months away, it is never too early to get in the Christmas mood! The only Christmas thing I’m not looking forward to is the snow. It was extremely cold all last week so it just needs to warm up quick before winter rolls along!

Here’s a Michael Bublé Christmas video to put you in the holiday spirit as well!

YouTube Preview Image

Scared to Sleep

So this weekend was Homecoming and it was extremely fun! I went to the parade and went to the football game. The team was losing at half time which was disappointing but at least I got to see who won King and Queen!

Here’s a Homecoming video where VP Johnson gives free Starbucks to everyone in line at Starbucks:

YouTube Preview Image

After halftime I left and went to finish working on a ten page paper I have to write for my media literacy class! D: But, it was actually not as bad as I thought it would be and I finished in time to go eat at Olive Garden with some friends. Then we went to see Paranormal Activity 3.

Let me start by saying it may have been the scariest/freakiest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m easily scared which may have something everything to do with it but it was still pretty scary. I’ve never seen the other two movies but I still enjoyed it. Though it was a good movie, I was still scared to go to sleep afterwards!

It’s a Miracle!

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I developed a terrible sore throat over the weekend. Also yesterday I started coughing and getting a runny nose too! It was quite the crisis. But, needless to say, when I woke up this morning all my symptoms were gone! I have my theories but I think it might be due to the fact that I  got cold medicine and have been drinking Calm tea from Starbucks with honey non-stop!

In my Converged Journalism course we each have to film media projects with a partner and help them film their interviews. This afternoon, I’ll be helping my partner film for her interview with Coach Brad Stevens. I think it’ll be great and exciting to hear what he has to say! I’ve never met him before so it will definitely be a great experience.

Since we’re talking about basketball, here’s a funny video talking to different players on the team!

YouTube Preview Image

Sore Throats Stink

Today is the third day I’ve had a sore throat. It’s weird because I’ve never really had a sore throat before! Hopefully it is gone by tomorrow. I’ve been drinking tea from Starbucks with honey so I’m sure it’ll go away soon. :) I also heard that gargling salt water helps too but I think I’ll pass!

Despite my life-threatning illness, I am excited because this week is free speech week and the Collegian has set up a stand in Starbucks to raise awareness of the freedom of speech and to talk about its importance. Hopefully I can find time to sit at the table to help.  The Collegian staff even made a video demonstrating the importance of the freedom of speech and press. I can’t wait to see the finished product!

Here’s the PSA for last year’s free speech week.

YouTube Preview Image

Back to Work

Fall break is officially over and went by so fast! I had a great time visiting my friends in Chicago. We all got to catch up and even go shopping! I also got to spend some quality time with my family. My favorite part of break was definitely watching movies with my family.

But now that break is over, I have to get back to doing work! In my Converged Journalism course, I have to schedule interviews and talk to Indianapolis Public Schools officials about issues facing the schools. It is a very fun assignment that allows me to meet new and important people like the superintendent of IPS and the state schools superintendent.

Though these things are very important, I would say the most important thing that transpired this past week was my watching of the Kim Kardashian wedding. For those who don’t know Kim, let’s just say she is America’s response to Kate Middleton. Though I like Kim, I was disappointed in the special. The wedding special was a two night/two hour event but the actual wedding ceremony was only 8 minutes! But, it was still worth watching all the drama that ensued.

This is the preview for the upcoming season of the newest Kardashian show.

YouTube Preview Image

To Do List

Though I am on fall break, I feel like I have so many things I need/want to do! I have two media projects to do, I have to contact sources for stories I have to write, and I have to study for some of my upcoming mid-terms. So, I decided to make a list of all the things students should do to unwind with their families if they are feeling stressed over break like I am!

1. Ride your bike on a cool fall day- This is a great way to enjoy the nature all around and truly relax during your time off.

2. Watch a funny movie with your family- Last night my family watched “Baby Mama” starring Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and it was very funny and definitely brought our family closer!

3. Cook- This one probably does not apply to me because I have the cooking skills of a dolphin but this may also be a way to enjoy your break with your family!

4. Do Homework every day- This may sound like the one thing you would NOT want to do but I’ve come to find that doing a little homework every day is extremely beneficial. I always try to do at least one or two assignments a day just so I won’t be stressed Sunday night trying to do them all.

5. Read a book- Nothing is better can cozying up under a warm blanket while reading a book! Or it does not even have to be a book. This morning when I woke up I read the newspaper. Not only did I feel relaxed but I also learned something from it too! For example, did you know about these ways to save at Starbucks?

6. Dance like no one is watching- I have a theory that everyone has their own little dancing spirit inside of them. Doing this not only gets my mind off of all the things I have to do but it also makes for great exercise. All you need is some good tunes!

7. Hang out with friends- Fall break is the first time I can see most of my high school friends. This weekend I plan to visit some of my friends at Loyola University.

Don’t ask why but this song makes me think of fall! And of course, I dance to it and sing along each time I hear it.

YouTube Preview Image

Fall Is Upon Us!

I am officially on fall break and I am loving it! It is so wonderful being back at home and I got my first home cooked meal in months!

The drive home was not too bad. I’ve been listening to Jessie J a lot and listened to her album on my way home. The best part about driving home was that there were a lot of other Butler students going home on the highway too. We could each tell we were from Butler because of our parking passes on our cars. It definitely made way for a lot of awkward quick glances!

This week, I’ve also been working on Butler’s student newspaper, The Collegian. I wrote about President Jim Danko’s upcoming inauguration and the events that will take place for it. The inauguration theme is “Imagine the Possibilities,” which definitely gives me high hopes as to what is planned for this year! It was fun writing my story because I got to talk to different students and the chair of the inauguration committee!

I found this video of fellow blogger Olivia on YouTube and wanted to share!! It’s so funny and depicts her perfectly!

YouTube Preview Image

Fall Break is here!

Well, fall break isn’t here quite yet but it’ll officially be here after my class on Wednesday! I’m so excited to be able to go home and not do any work! I have so many things planned! I want to go to Chicago with my friends from home, eat Chipotle, and visit my friends at Loyola University. Hopefully I have enough time to do it all! I also have some projects for school to do too! Needless to say, I’ll probably still end up being stressed over break too.

This past weekend also marked my fourth consecutive weekend of going shopping at the mall which may mean one of two things. 1. I’ve been catching some really good deals or 2. I have a shopping problem….. I think I’m leaning toward number 1! My new favorite store to hit up is Banana Republic. They even have a Mad Men clothing collection so now I can dress like the cast from the show! I’m a new Mad Men fan so this is very exciting.

I thought I’d lighten the mood with a Mad Men inspired Sesame Street skit

YouTube Preview Image