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Hi! I'm Andre. I'm a senior double major in Political Science and Spanish at Butler and I'll be graduating in 2014.

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Archive: September 2011

Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife!

Today in Spanish class, I was sitting and minding my own business when all of a sudden the fire alarm went off. I of course thought it was a drill and nonchalantly left with my things and went outside. Then, I got a text from the university saying the building had to be left because someone smelled gas.

Once outside, my professor canceled class and we all got to leave! Since I got little sleep the night before, I decided to use this new found free-time to go to Starbucks! While in line, I got another text saying everything was fine and that we were able to go back into Jordan Hall again. It was definitely one of the highlights of my day since we got to leave class early.

Today was also good because I learned how to edit and make videos in my Converged Journalism class. Our assignment is to make our own newscast and I think mine is turning out pretty well so far!

YouTube Preview Image

This video definitely makes me excited for spring since the weather has been so cold lately!

Late Night With Sports

Last night, I stayed up extremely late watching the Colts and Yankees game. And just my luck, they both lost! And this morning, I was faced with the disappointing news that Peyton Manning will not be playing this season. Hopefully the Colts can pull something together. I really wanted them to do well this year since the Superbowl is in Indianapolis.

The Yankees already secured a spot in the postseason so now I’m just waiting for that to start!

For my Sportswriting class, I have to go to the volleyball game tonight and write a story on it. It will be my first ever volleyball game so I’m excited to see all the dynamics. My professor said Butler is expected to win the game so at least I can look forward to that!

Here’s a video of the girl’s volleyball coach talking about their success!

YouTube Preview Image

Rainy Sunday

So today has been a wet and rainy day BUT I’d say it’s better than it being 90 degrees! The only bad part is that my umbrella keeps breaking from the wind!

Despite the so-so weather, I am excited for a couple of upcoming events. The first one I am excited for is the Indianapolis Mayoral Debate! It is going to be held on campus in Clowes Hall on Oct. 5 AND it’s free! How much better can it get?!? Melina Kennedy, the Democratic candidate is also holding a forum before the debate with some Butler students to get their ideas on issues. I wish I could go but I have class during the time of the session. :(

Another thing I am excited for is the seminar on Russian Orthodoxy at Clowes on Oct. 18. I know, it sounds extremely boring but, I am taking a GHS class on Contemporary Europe and we are talking about some of the same topics that will be discussed so I think I will find it interesting!

YouTube Preview Image

Here is a cool YouTube video of different photos of Butler with the fight song in the background.

Expanding Social Horizons

This week Google+ opened to the public and I decided to make an account! Sadly, I was not cool enough to be invited originally. But, I’ve still not hopped on the Facebook bandwagon. I used to have one but never quite got into the spirit of things!

I’ve also been reading the LA Times every day this week. It’s probably because I would LOVE to live on the west coast so it makes me feel like I’m part of their culture. I’d love to get a job in California after college, maybe even working for Google!

My Spanish class for tomorrow was canceled so now I can stay up late tonight and catch up on all the shows I missed, including Modern Family!

This is a random photo of me on New Year's Day! I can't wait until that time next year!


Movie Night!

Last Friday I had a movie night with my friend Jill. It was great to relax and enjoy myself before the semester really kicks into gear. She went to The Fray concert at Clowes and said it was really fun. After the concert, she came to my dorm so we could start our monthly movie night!

The first movie we watched was Twilight. We both loathe the Twilight series so we thought it would be funny to make fun of it. It did not fail to impress with its awkward acting and gloomy mood.

The other movie we watched was Star Trek. It is one of my favorite movies and was also enjoyable. I cannot wait until the sequel comes out next year! Hopefully I’ll be able to see it at midnight when it first premieres.

Here is a trailer for the new movie “Drive” that I want to see:

YouTube Preview Image

Best Week Ever!

I just want to start this post by saying this week will be the best week ever in recorded history. This is because not only is The X Factor premiering this week but also, Modern Family is starting! I just have to try to find time to watch them both between all of my work.

Last week, College Democrats had its first ever meeting and we had two guest speakers. We had members from the Obama and Joe Donnelly campaigns come tell us about local volunteer and internship opportunities. I am really excited to start getting politically involved this year, especially since it’ll be the first year I’ll be old enough to vote for President.

Here’s a preview for The X Factor! I can’t wait for it to start Wednesday!

YouTube Preview Image

Goodbye Summer

Today might have been one of the coldest days, EVER! I definitely regret complaining during the summer for it being too hot. It’s been raining and cloudy all day so now I am counting the days until summer comes around!

To try to take my mind away from the depressing weather, I have been doing homework all day.

My most enjoyable assignment was having to watch the news. For my Converged Journalism class, we have to watch a national newscast and a local newscast and analyze the imagery and sounds used in them to learn more about effective broadcast news strategies. During the semester, we have to shoot and write our own news segment about a certain topic. I’m really excited for it because I love learning new things and I’ve always wanted to learn how to edit videos and now I will!

Since we’re talking about watching the news, I thought I’d share this funny video of what news anchors really do during commercial breaks.

YouTube Preview Image




I have SOOOO many projects, deadlines, and papers due in the next two weeks and it is very stressful. But, I would say I have been doing a good job of handling them. Here are some tips I use to lessen stress and to tackle all my assignments.

This is especially helpful in college where assignments seemingly fly at you out of nowhere!

-Make a list of all your tasks and get them done one by one

-Get a good night of sleep

-Go on a nice, long run

-Getting a bite to eat

-Improve time management skills

-Listen to relaxing music

-Hang out with friends

-Just sit back and take a break

Here’s a cool YouTube video on managing stress:

YouTube Preview Image

Great Night For Sports!

So last night two of the three sports teams I wanted to win last night won, which I’d say is pretty good! The Yankees beat the Angels, the Jets beat the Cowboys, but sadly Serena Williams lost her match against Stosur in the US Open.

I watched the beginning of the Jets game, only to turn it off early because it was getting late and they were behind 24-10. But I was glad to wake up to the news that they came from behind and won!

Today I only have two classes which means two things. 1. I’m going to have a lot of free time and 2. It will be spent doing homework for my classes tomorrow! I also get to work on the Collegian, which comes out Wednesday. And I’ve also joined Latinos Unidos on campus which is a group where we connect with Hispanics in the Indianapolis community. Each member gets a high school buddy and we talk to each other throughout the school year just to encourage each other and to be friends. I can’t wait until buddies are assigned!

You can find out more about Special Interest Groups on campus here.

Here’s a video of the halftime 9/11 tribute at the Jets game. They got people to form the bases of the Twin Towers with lights.

YouTube Preview Image

Sports Fanatic!!

Since taking my Sportswriting course, I’ve become a sports fanatic! I have been constantly checking the ESPN website to get the latest updates and scores. I’ve been especially checking the US Open matches! Hopefully Serena Williams can pull out a win today!

I’ve also been keeping up with football and baseball. Of course I’ve always loved the Yankees but I’ve recently become a New York Jets fan! They play the Cowboys tonight so I know I’ll be up watching that tonight!

On a side note, today is the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. I was in fourth grade when it happened. I did not understand the complexity of the issue at the time but now I see what an impact it has made on our country. Now, we can be grateful that we live in a safer and more united America. The Collegian is doing a staff reflection on its website today about what happened.

Here’s a video that serves as a tribute to the day

YouTube Preview Image