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Hi! I'm Andre. I'm a senior double major in Political Science and Spanish at Butler and I'll be graduating in 2014.

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Archive: May 2011

Final(ly) Done!

I am officially done with my freshman year! After my Spanish final today, I felt like I could finally relax and not have to worry about any assignments. I could get used to this!

I also got to go into my dorm room for one last time. It was so weird seeing it completely empty! It reminded me of when I first moved in during August. There was even an echo when I spoke!

What made today even better was that the weather was nice and warm. I could finally drive down the highway with my windows rolled down and not be too cold! That’s until it started severely storming….. But then it stopped and got warm again!

To start my first day of summer on a good start, tomorrow I’m going to go to my local Borders and find a random summer book to read. It has been a tradition of mine for the last couple of years to go and get a random book and read it during the summer! Last summer I read “The Appeal” by John Grisham and really enjoyed it! Hopefully I get lucky again this summer and pick up another good book.

Random Video of the Day:

If you’ve read my previous posts, you’d know I’m obsessed with “Friday” by Rebecca Black! Welllllll, to keep up with tradition, here’s a hilarious video I couldn’t pass up sharing!

YouTube Preview Image

Mucho Spanish!

I’ve spent the last three days studying for my Spanish exam and I can officially say I am all Spanish’d out! I knew I was reaching my tipping point when I started accidentally speaking in spanish in normal conversation. So I decided to take a break!

The exam is over five chapters so it’s not too much but not too little. I cannot wait until it is over so I can officially say I’m a sophomore! It’ll be fun seeing all the new students next semester. I remember carrying my campus map trying to find all of my classes on the first day and ended up being a pro at it by the next day!

But now I guess I’ll get back to studying for Spanish. Let’s just say I know more about present participles and how to say them in Spanish than I ever wanted to know!

Random Video of the Day:

I thought it would be appropriate to have a Spanish video today!

YouTube Preview Image

It’s Finals! Getting Down With Finals!

Hopefully “Friday” is now stuck in your head!

Finals are almost over which is very exciting because it means no more tests. As soon as my final is over I have to head back to my dorm and check out and return my keys and then I’m heading home, never to return until the start of next semester!

I’ve been procrastinating and just started studying yesterday. But, I technically consider it getting ahead! Who says studying three days ahead is procrastinating!?

So while my attention should be focused on finals, I can’t help but be excited for the upcoming new show The X Factor. It’s like a new version of American Idol & is coming to FOX this year. And one of my favorite celebrities, Cheryl Cole, is supposed to be a judge on the show which makes it even better! Plus, it has Simon Cowell! How can you go wrong there!?

Here’s one of the commercials for the new show!

YouTube Preview Image

We So Excited…

Since it is the end of the year, there have been many events and activities scheduled on campus! On Saturday there was a platform on the mall and several bands played little gigs. Alongside the mini-concert was free tacos from West Coast Tacos! Free tacos and concert? I’m totally there!

Today there were crews of people setting up carnival rides and moon bounces on the mall. I did not stick around because it was raining but I am sure it was fun! I saw all the rides when I was coming back from selling my books back to the Butler bookstore. Only then did it strike me that my freshman year is basically over (except for those pesky finals but let’s disregard that!).

Random Video of the Day:

Although it is Monday, the song Friday is randomly stuck in my head so while looking it up online I came across this other Rebecca Black video!

YouTube Preview Image

Nerd Prom

Last night I watched the White House Correspondent’s Dinner on CSPAN. If you’re not familiar with it, it is a dinner run by all the reporters at the White House for a special cause and to give out scholarships. During the dinner, the President and a guest comedian both do their own stand up comedic routines.

This year’s comedian was Seth Meyers. I usually find Seth to be awkward, especially when he tries to be funny, but I have to say he was hilarious last night! His Donald Trump jokes were the best! Mr. Trump looked so angry whenever he was being made fun of and that made it even better. Everyone sitting at Trump’s table looked so awkward because they didn’t know whether to laugh or not!

President Obama was pretty funny as well. I really liked his Adjustment Bureau joke against Matt Damon because I previously blogged about how I did not like that movie.

I was tweeting during the whole event and the social media sponsored hash-tag for the event for the event was #nerdprom. I think it is funny that they willingly called it a Nerd Prom but it’s not like I blame them because what else would you call a room full of politicians and journalists with their wives!?

Random Video of the Day:

Here is a video of Seth Meyers’ remarks. You can see where he starts talking about Trump at 12:04

YouTube Preview Image

My Top Ten

Tomorrow is the last official day of classes so I decided to make a post that’s a list to change things up a bit. I’m making my top ten things I’ll miss about Butler over the summer!

It was hard narrowing it down to ten but here it goes… They’re in no particular order by the way!

1. Seeing Blue in Starbucks on random occasions

2. Seeing all my friends in class

3. All the clubs I’m in, especially College Democrats!

4. Teaches ESL classes on Thursday nights

5. LONNNGGGG walks in Holcomb Gardens

6. Weekly SGA meetings on Wednesdays

7. Collapsing in my bed after classes

8. Randomly Themed Lunches at Resco

9. Waiting in line at Starbucks

10. All the lovely homework given on a daily basis! *cue sarcasm*

Hopefully summer doesn’t go by as fast as the school year did! Now all I have to do is get through finals and then home sweet home here I come!

Random Video of the Day:

I thought this video was too hilarious not to share! It features Butler’s very own President Bobby Fong teaching viewers how to wash their hands.

YouTube Preview Image