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Hi! I'm Andre. I'm a senior double major in Political Science and Spanish at Butler and I'll be graduating in 2014.

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Archive: April 2011

Final Week!

This week is the final week of classes and I couldn’t be more excited! Butler has definitely been a fun experience and I cannot wait until my years to come! I really hope my future years don’t go by as fast.

The only bad part about the year ending is that finals are rapidly approaching! Luckily for me, I only have one final during finals week. The rest of my classes either don’t have a final or are having it this week. My final is on the last day of finals (just my luck!) so I’ll be slowly but surely moving my stuff back home slowly during the week.

I’m going to miss so much about campus during the summer! I’m going to miss all the people, all my classes, and all the Pepsi, since Butler is a Pepsi campus!

The thing I’ll miss most is randomly seeing Blue 2 in Starbucks in the mornings! He better stay rowdy for when I get back!

Random Video of the Day:

Blue 2 just being the celebrity he is!

YouTube Preview Image

Here Come The Yankees

Of course the baseball season has started and the Yankees have been on a three game winning streak and I really hope they can keep it alive against the White Sox tonight! I’m from the Chicago area so I’d rather the Yankees win so my friends won’t tease me about losing!

I also randomly like the British soccer team Newcastle United, but they’ve been struggling recently so we’ll just awkwardly change subjects!

Baseball has also come in handy recently to keep me away from all this Royal Wedding news. At first I was really excited to see it. But now it is everywhere and I just need a break! I still haven’t decided if I’ll watch it this week. Maybe I’d be more excited if I were invited ;) (It’s not too late William and Kate!).

Random Video of the Day:

I love making fun of the Mets and this video does it for me :)

YouTube Preview Image

Happy Easter!

A lot of my friends went home for the Easter weekend so it has been a quiet weekend! The good part about it is that parking has been great! No more long walks in the parking lot! Well… At least for this week!

This week is the last week of classes and I couldn’t be happier. This school year has flown by so fast! It seems like just yesterday I had my map, trying to find my classes.

Last week I scheduled my classes for next year and I am excited! I finished all of my required classes so now I am going to start having courses more related to my major. I am most excited for my Sports Journalism class. It is definitely out of my comfort zone so I can’t wait to see how I do!

Random Video of the Day:

I love this song! It is such a feel good song. It’s even my ringtone!

YouTube Preview Image

Rain Rain Go Away…

It has been incessantly raining today and I’m not liking it one bit! I had to scurry to my dorm after class because I forgot to bring my umbrella! I’ll definitely be checking the weather from now on! The weird part about it was that the lawn sprinklers were still running while it was pouring rain! I guess the grass just needs that much water!

My art class is holding an art show this week in the Reilly Room! All the art we’ve done in class this semester will be on display. The show is on Thursday and should be a lot of fun. I went to the art show last semester and loved all the pieces! You can see our class blog here.

Random Video of the Day:

This is such a cool music video! I remember when I saw it for the first time!

YouTube Preview Image

Stereo Love

The song “Stereo Love” has been randomly stuck in my head all day. I’m glad I shared that random fact!

Today me and my FYS partner met to discuss our project we have to present in class. We have to talk about one of the chapters we were assigned in the book Confederates in the Attic. It is actually a very interesting book! My group was assigned a chapter that deals with Gone With the Wind, which is another book we read this semester! So basically we got the best chapter and are going to rock our presentation!

As I mentioned on my last post, I have a ridiculous amount of assignments due this week… I think it will be worth it next week since I don’t have much due. I’m guessing professors are cramming everything in before the end of the semester!! Summer just cannot come fast enough!

Random Video of the Day:

This is the video to “Stereo Love!” It’s so catchy!

YouTube Preview Image

Projects Galore!

I feel like all of my professors had a secret meeting and decided to make all my projects due this week and to schedule random tests and quizzes this week too! It is definitely quite the load but I got most of my work done this weekend so I won’t be too stressed.

One of my projects was for my British Literature class. We had to translate movement into something creative so I did a photography project. I tried to do a comical take on the Romantic Era. I had my friend Jill go with me in Holcomb Gardens and take pictures of me enjoying nature.

Doing the project was actually fun and relaxing! It inspired me to REALLY go out and enjoy nature on my own without having to do an assignment. I took advantage of the warm weather and went on an hour walk. I felt oh so refreshed!

Random Photo of the Day:

This is one of the photos from my art project. I thought it was one of the funnier ones!

Just sniffing a random bush..... No big deal.....

The Butler Way

Saying that yesterday was a rough day for me may be an understatement. After getting sick and having to leave class early, I headed to my dorm and somehow must have dropped my wallet. I noticed I lost it about a couple hours later and searched EVERYWHERE for it. I decided to go to the main desk out front to see if someone found it and someone did in fact turned it in! Whoever found my wallet, if you’re reading this, THANKS A MILLION!! That just truly shows how nice people are here on campus.

That evening I felt better and got to resume my nighttime rituals of going to Starbucks and finishing up homework. I have so many assignments and projects due next week that I’m finding it to be a necessity to be on my game and managing my time wisely! Hopefully after next week everything will be a little less hectic!

Random Video of the Day:

I just love these “Butler’s Cribs” videos on YouTube!

YouTube Preview Image

Spoke Too Soon!

So it is raining today. I got so excited yesterday since it was so hot out. But it was nice to at least get one day on warmth in! I’m sure once June rolls around it’ll be nice and hot! But for now, I guess I’ll just have to leave my shorts in the closet and pull out my jeans.

I am part of the College Democrats group at Butler and I’m helping to set up our visit to the Capitol. It should be really fun. I got to get a tour of the Capitol this summer in Ambassadors of Change where freshmen got to move in a week early and get to know each other while doing service projects around the city. It is definitely something I recommend to all incoming freshmen! It was a great way to make friends coming into college and it was great to be able to give back to the community.

Here is a video explaining Ambassadors of Change:

YouTube Preview Image

Summer is FINALLY here!

So it is like 80 degrees outside which makes me happy because it is finally getting warmer! I am currently sporting my shorts and flip flops and will go outside and enjoy it. I have a project in my British Literature class which I am taking pictures of myself enjoying nature to relate it to the romantic period so it will be a blast.

In other important news, the Rock of Ages musical is coming to Clowes Hall this week and I really want to go. I’m not sure how much tickets are but Constantine from American Idol is the lead actor so I’m totally stoked!

That’s all for today! I gotta go get my book and read it outside for the beautiful day!!!

Random Video of the Day:

This is a video of Butler students celebrating a win over VCU! Definitely gives me a sense of nostalgia!

YouTube Preview Image

Time Flies!

When I first started this blog I remember being so excited about the Yankees going to the Playoffs and it’s weird seeing that the new baseball season has already started! There’s also only a month left of school (Who’s counting, anyway?!?) which is even weirder! This year has definitely flown past me and I have no idea where it went!

Today I only had one class so I’ve definitely been having a lazy day today. What makes it better is that my first two classes got canceled for tomorrow so I get to sleep in! Besides it being my birthday on Monday, classes being canceled, being able to wear shorts AND hardly having any homework, I’m not sure how this week could get any better!

This evening there is a pep rally for the basketball team so I’ll be sure to go over to Hinkle Fieldhouse to go support our basketball team! They really put in a lot of hard work and hopefully they can do it again next season!!

Creeping on some people (as usual!) going to Robertson Hall on Sunday!