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Hi! I'm Andre. I'm a senior double major in Political Science and Spanish at Butler and I'll be graduating in 2014.

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Archive: March 2011

Tracing My Family History!

So for my Civil War FYS class, yes I’m talking about it again, we were assigned to trace one of our grandparents’ lineage. So I started working on it yesterday and to my surprise, I have ancestors from Ireland! Evidently my great-great-great grandfather emigrated from Ireland during the 1870s! What makes it even more funny is that when the Civil War reenactor came to our class and asked us who had Irish ancestry, I almost raised my hand as a joke. But turns out I wouldn’t have been lying!

Tomorrow in my Aesthetics and Design class we are going to do a project where we have to fill out a silhouette of ourselves using only cutout colors from magazines and books. Let me start off by saying it is harder than it sounds! We’re going to be sitting in front of a projector and try to sit really still while our partner traces us. Hopefully I sit still enough and hopefully it is not as awkward as I think it will be! We also post our projects and assignments on our class blog. You can see it here!

Also, just a reminder, there are FOUR days until Spring Break!

Random Video of the Day:

So I just happened to stumble upon this video on Youtube and turns out, I’m in it! You can see me and all my awkwardness at 1:40-1:45

YouTube Preview Image

Five More Days

So there are five more days until Spring Break (Who’s counting anyway!?) and I am pretty excited! I’ve been getting a lot of stress headaches lately so this break will be much needed! Although I will be on vacation, my break will still consist of work because I have to read 350 pages of Gone With The Wind, which is 1,000 pages long, for my Civil War FYS class.

On Friday in FYS, the Civil War impersonator came back and discussed more concepts and ideas from the time period. He even chose me to come in front of the class and try on his uniform! I must say, the uniform was heavier than it looked! My teacher took pictures of it so when she sends them to me I’ll definitely post them to my blog!

That’s all for today! Feel free to leave a comment and thanks for visiting!

Random Song of the Day: “The Modern Age” by The Strokes

Random Photo of the Day:

I accidentally got to class half an hour early so what better way to pass the time than to take awkward photos of myself!?

The Civil War Snow

So today in my FYS class, my teacher invited a Civil War reenactor to talk to us to really get an understanding of what life was like during that period. He brought swords and authentic clothes and invited one of the students up front so he could dress him up in the outfit. The only downside was that we weren’t allowed to touch his swords! He’s coming back to our class on Friday so hopefully we can touch them then.

Today it is so warm outside! I’ve been finding reasons to have to go outside occasionally just so I can feel it. It’s just making me anxious for summer to get here! Just a few more months!

Also, I know I’m kind of late but I tried watching the Oscars but turned it off about 30 minutes into it because I thought it was so boring and I thought the hosts were so awkward/uncomfortable! Well, I thought Anne Hathaway did her best but James Franco seemed a little weird. The next day I got to see the winners on the news and I was pleased. I really thought Natalie Portman did an excellent job in Black Swan so I’m happy she won Best Actress.

Random Song of the Day: “Summertime” by New Kids On The Block

Random Photo of the Day:

Someone built an igloo a couple days ago on campus and it has been slowly but surely melting. I've been using it as a reminder that it IS in fact getting warmer!