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Hi! I'm Andre. I'm a senior double major in Political Science and Spanish at Butler and I'll be graduating in 2014.

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Archive: March 2011

Final Four!

So the Bulldogs made it to the Final Four and everyone on campus couldn’t be more excited! We spent the first 10 minutes of my FYS class today discussing Butler’s prospects of winning it all. They play VCU on April 2 and the championship is on the 4th, which is my birthday! Nothing would make me happier than seeing Butler win the National Championship on my birthday!

I went into Starbucks today and the 100.9 Radio Station was there giving free items and taking people’s pictures. I got a keychain and they took my picture with a sign! The picture isn’t on their website yet but I’ll post it here once it is! I think they’re trying to raise Indy’s spirit for the Bulldogs!

Me trying on the Civil War gear in FYS class with the Civil War reenactor

Happy Birthday Blue!

Friday was Butler’s mascot, Blue‘s, birthday! He turned seven in human years, which is 49 in dog years I think, so he’s getting to be an old little fella! The party for him was held in Starbucks and I’ve never seen it more packed! There were also many prospective students and their parents in attendance. It was definitely a good day to take a tour!

I made sure to force my way to the front of the crowd because I saw the guy from Fox news filming. I never miss an opportunity to be on the news! We all sang happy birthday and participated in eating all the free cookies. There was a contest to guess the correct number of dog treats in a bowl and the winner got a Starbucks gift card.

Blue tried running away twice while we all were singing to him. He’s probably sick of all the paparazzi following him!

Blue and his owner on his big day! He was definitely getting rowdy in his party hat!

Elite Eight

So everyone was invited to watch the Butler vs. Wisconsin game in the Reilly Room on campus. There were so many people! They held a raffle at the commercial breaks giving away free T-shirts and had free pizza! There was even a person from the news filming us. I left early because I usually go to bed at 10 but I lived a little and left at 10:30! I wish I hadn’t since the Bulldogs won! I really hope they win their game today against Florida!

When I got to my dorm after leaving early, there were people all around watching the game and cheering. Let’s just say, I didn’t even have to turn on my TV to know who won!! My FYS teacher canceled class the next day because she knew we’d all be up watching the game so it was really nice to sleep in!

Everyone watching the game on the big screen!

Entrevista de Trabajo!

So just in case if you were wondering, the title of this post means “Job Interview” in Spanish. The reason it’s in Spanish is because my group was assigned to do a skit of a job interview in Spanish class. We’re supposed to dress up for it and bring props and a powerpoint so I’m definitely whipping out all my good clothes!

So me and the other two members of my group met in the library today to work on it and I think we’re in good shape for tomorrow. We have two skits, one where I’m the boss interviewing for a job with the UN and in the other one I am applying to work for the State Department. It’s very humorous and hopefully we do a good job.

Today in line at Starbucks, I saw fellow blogger Steph! I told her about how I’ve never tried any of the iced drinks and she recommended me quite a few selections but I ended up getting the iced green tea. She also told me that maybe I should get a venti (large) size instead of tall (small) but I just got a small just to try it out. I must say that I should’ve gone with a venti because it was so good! I finished it before I got to my dorm! I’ll take your advice next time Steph!!

It’s so warm out today but I’m still saving my shorts until Friday! It better still be warm then or I will be one unhappy camper!

I saw this cool video online about Butler University Dance Marathon. It’s definitely worth seeing. Students sign up to dance for 12 hours straight all to raise money for Riley Children’s Hospital. I’m definitely getting involved with it next year!

YouTube Preview Image

Dulce Dieciséis!!

So the title of this blog is a reference to Butler being in the Sweet Sixteen in the NCAA Tournament! The reason it’s in Spanish is because I just came from Spanish class so it’ll be a while until it wears off! I really hope they can win.

The team is leaving today for New Orleans so surely they’ll have a good time while down there! I was in class while they were being sent off so good luck! I am also a big Brigham Young fan so I’m really hoping that Butler and BYU can meet in the tournament!

I just so happened to be perusing YouTube and I stumbled upon fellow blogger Steph‘s video of her room in Schwitzer, the girls’ dorm. It’s a great video to watch if you have questions about what the dorms look like or how they’re set up!

YouTube Preview Image

Spring is Finally Here!

So this morning I woke up to a rainy morning so I put on my jeans and shirt and headed to class. But, by the time I got out of class it was so nice and sunny and I wished I had worn my shorts! But don’t be worried, I’ll be sure to whip them out tomorrow! Hopefully it stays warm enough so I can wear them because it looks as though it’s going to rain again!

One of my classes got canceled for tomorrow so now I have a nice long break between classes! I think I’ll take advantage of it by relaxing on the mall and do homework. In my Aesthetics and Design class we are turning in our art projects so I can’t wait to present mine!

That’s all for today! Feel free to leave a comment!

Random Song of the Day: “Taken By a Stranger” by Lena

Random Photo of the Day:

People playing football on the mall! Definitely serves as my sign that spring is here!

It’s Friday!

Usually I’m happy when it is Friday but today it is bittersweet because it means that the end of Spring Break is approaching. But, it will be fun to get back to Butler and back to my weekly classes. I’m saying this now but I’m sure I’ll regret it once the homework starts piling on!!

In other news….. There is a song/video that is blowing up big on iTunes and Youtube that I thought I’d share. It’s called “Friday” (how appropriate) and I must say it is terrible and entertaining at the same time! There was even a Yahoo story on how bad it is.

But since it’s so bad, it makes the song kind of good! As of right now it has 17 million views on Youtube which is a big jump from having 9 million yesterday. I guess it is from all the media exposure. The girl who sings it was on Good Morning America this morning so that had to help.

Here it is in all its awkward glory!

YouTube Preview Image

Cherishing Break

So it’s taking me a long time to process that break is almost over. With that being said, I’m cherishing every single minute I’m off. But, I’m having a hard time doing that with all the homework I have!

Since I have homework in five of my classes, I created the clever but simple plan of doing one assignment a day and I am pleased to say that I only have one left! Yesterday I worked on my art project where we had to make a collage of a self portrait of ourselves, with close attention to color and only using magazine cutouts. It took me a couple of hours but I am pleased with what I did!

Also, I was watching the news today and saw that the basketball team won today! Congrats and hopefully you guys take the tournament this year!

Random Photo of the Day:

My finished project! It's hard to see but I seriously cut out hundreds of tiny strips of paper to make it

Red Riding Hood

So yesterday I had time to kill so what better way to do it than going to the movies!? I saw Red Riding Hood and I really liked it!

The movie did a good job of giving a gothic/folksy feel to the story. It also did a great job of sticking to the original fairy tale. It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time wondering who the wolf actually was and I was so surprised at who it ended up being.

I am a big fan of Amanda Seyfried and she did NOT disappoint with this movie. It’s great to see her play a more serious role since acting in Mean Girls and Mama Mia.

Since Red Riding Hood and Twilight were directed by the same director, I thought there would be too many similarities to Twilight and that I wouldn’t enjoy it but actually the opposite happened. The Twilight feel of the movie really added to the plot and the environment.

This movie definitely gets a thumbs up from me!

YouTube Preview Image

The Adjustment Bureau

On Saturday some of my friends from home came to Indy to visit because they are already on Spring Break! It was really great to see them! Well, I thought it was until they forced me to go see The Adjustment Bureau.

I’m not going to ruin it in case you haven’t seen it but it just might be one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. It reminded me of Inception, which I also disliked. It involved going through doors and changing your fate. It was weirder than it sounds.  At the beginning of the movie there were cameos from real life politicians which I did enjoy. But by the time I got to the end of the movie, I was tired and did not understand it.

Matt Damon starred in the leading role as an aspiring politician who is faced with the choice of becoming President of the US or spending his life with the woman he loves, who he just met once but suddenly loves for some reason. Damon’s acting was really good in this movie so kudos for that!

Usually I like things more when I see them a second time so maybe if I saw it again I would enjoy it more. I wasn’t too happy going to see it because it meant I had to miss Miley Cyrus host Saturday Night Live which probably contributed to my displeasure in the movie.

Here’s the trailer for the movie:

YouTube Preview Image