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The Butler men’s basketball team is 1 of only 10 programs to compete in back-to-back national championships.

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Why Butler?

"Nothing endures, but change." It's a phrase that is twenty five hundred years old (attributed to Heraclitus in the fifth century BCE), but it's still true. And this truth gives rise to a key educational question; how should a university prepare students for a future that is guaranteed to be uncertain?

At Butler, we address this challenge in four ways:

I. Through a curriculum and experience that stresses breadth and flexibility;

II. Through an education that demands rigor and focus;

III. Through the careful and deliberate construction of confidence in our students; and

IV. By providing our students and alumni with a network that will provide them opportunities for success long after they graduate.

People who are well-informed approach challenges with the knowledge base necessary to grapple with complicated issues. Students who have been trained to focus on complex, intellectually demanding tasks have the discipline and fortitude necessary to see themselves through difficult problems or challenging times. People who have confidence, not arrogance, approach change with the assurance that they can see new opportunities, not just identify new threats. Finally, human beings with deep personal connections, connections that have great depth and common understanding, know who to talk to, and who to depend upon as they face the future.

This is the end result of a Butler University education. It's not just a degree, it's a framework for understanding the world and finding success in it.