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Only 45 percent of Butler students are from Indiana. The student body is made up of students from 45 states and 52 foreign countries.


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Prepare for Advising

Welcome to Butler University and the start of your college experience! Selecting classes for your first semester in college is an exciting time. Unlike in high school, where your classes have often been pre-determined, you have the opportunity in college to consider a wide variety of classes according to your interests.

You will have the opportunity to register for classes for the fall semester, whether you are able to meet with an advisor on campus or via a phone conversation. We encourage you to be prepared for this advising conversation by familiarizing yourself with the courses required for your major and the Core Curriculum, in addition to making a list of courses that interest you. (You may also use the Fall 2014 First-Year Course Recommendations booklet or the Course Search to look for potential course options.)

Your registration will be conducted by a faculty advisor from the department or college of your major. This person may or may not become your official academic advisor. Departments typically match new students with faculty advisors just prior to the start of fall classes. Your official academic advisor will be listed in your My.Butler account once the match has been made. If you have questions over the summer, feel free to contact the faculty member you spoke with for registration, the department chair, your college's Dean's office, or the Learning Resource Center.

Things to Consider ~ Show

  • Think about the subjects you know. More importantly, think about subjects you do not know, but would like to explore. Look for courses that will stretch your thinking, expand your experiences, and challenge you to learn. As you begin to consider classes, think about those courses that are complementary to each other and will give you a wider perspective on the world.
  • The Butler curriculum is made up of many components: your major and minors, the Core Curriculum, and elective courses.
    • You will enroll in courses in your major or the fields of study you would like to explore. Your advising session will allow you to talk through course selections with faculty or staff knowledgeable about your areas of interest and major requirements.
    • The Core Curriculum is designed to be completed over four years, not all at once. Most incoming students enroll in 1 or 2 areas of the Core Curriculum their first semester. Please arrive at your advising appointment with at least 2 to 3 preferences in each Core area to avoid conflicts with classes already needed on your schedule. Remember, you have plenty of time to complete all of your graduation requirements throughout the next few years. Your first year is an ideal time to enroll in courses that challenge you to learn about different disciplines and explore new areas.
    • As part of the Core, you will enroll in a First Year Seminar (FYS). Butler is committed to maintaining FYS as a small seminar to help you successfully make the transition to college. As a result, sections may close quickly. Please arrive at your advising appointment with at least five to six choices of First Year Seminar.
    • Elective courses provide you the opportunity to learn new or complementary subject areas, complete foreign language goals, explore a possible minor, and round out your education. Look for courses outside of the Core or your major field of study to take as electives. Use the Fall 2014 First-Year Course Recommendations booklet  to identify 100- and 200-level courses, since these are the most appropriate for first-year students.
  • Be prepared for advising and registration, but remain open to new ideas and opportunities. During the advising appointment, you will be presented with alternatives that you may not have considered. Your advisor will work with you to put together a schedule that is appropriately challenging, and interesting, for you.

Tips for Building Your Schedule of Classes

  • Explore the academic opportunities at Butler University. Become familiar with the website for both the department of your major and your college (e.g., College of Communication, College of Education). Most departmental websites have curriculum sheets indicating the courses appropriate for first year enrollment or a general listing of courses required for the major. Note that some courses require prerequisites or follow a structured progression over four years. 
  • Familiarize yourself with Butler University's Core Curriculum. In your first semester, you will take a First Year Seminar and will likely take one or two other Core classes alongside one or two courses from your major. Select several topics that interest you in each category.
  • Review the  Fall 2014 First-Year Course Recommendations booklet that has been specially prepared for New Student Registration. It highlights courses most appropriate for first-year student enrollment, including course descriptions of Core Curriculum classes. As classes are added or updated, revisions and additions to the course options will likely occur. Please confer with the advisor you meet with during New Student Registration to review the most up-to-date course offerings. 
  • At your college meeting and advising appointment, you will be given additional information (including results of placement exams) that may help you make more informed decisions regarding your schedule. On occasion, you may be pre-registered for a required course, ensuring a seat in a high demand section. Ultimately, your academic advisor will be the final authority in approving your schedule of classes.
  • Consider potential second majors and minors when choosing classes. Your advising appointment will be with the advisor of your primary major; if you intend to pursue multiple programs of study, alert your advisor to this at the beginning of your appointment. Once your first year is underway, you can officially declare additional majors and minors.
  • As you look for courses, be flexible with regard to topic, class section, and time of day. At Butler, most classes are scheduled on a MWF (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) or a TR (Tuesday and Thursday). Natural science and language courses typically meet more often.
  • You will need to enroll in at least 12 credit hours to be considered a full-time student. The average first year student will enroll in 15-16 credit hours. Most courses are 3-credit hours each, but some are 2 credits and others, particularly natural science courses with labs, are 5-credit hours.