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Only 45 percent of Butler students are from Indiana. The student body is made up of students from 45 states and 52 foreign countries.

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Honors Program

The following information is made available to assist you in preparing for your New Student Registration day and specifically, your academic advising appointment. In addition to the information here, visit the Honors Program website. Be sure to also read the recommendations on the Prepare for Advising webpages.

Congratulations on your acceptance to the University Honors Program at Butler University! The Butler University Honors Program exists to meet the expectations of academically outstanding students in all colleges and majors who wish to develop their talents and potential to the fullest. Through a combination of honors courses, cultural events, independent study, creative activity and research, we foster a diverse and challenging intellectual environment for honors students, and we enhance our academic community by adding a distinctive note of innovative thinking and interdisciplinary dialogue.

As a student in the University Honors Program, you will experience many benefits. You will have the opportunity to complete four honors seminar courses during your time as an undergraduate student. These interdisciplinary, innovative courses will provide the ideal environment for you to formulate and express your ideas and to explore and expand the boundaries of your intellectual curiosity. You will also experience the challenges and rewards of original, independent scholarly research and writing as you complete your honors thesis. You will connect with a diverse body of students drawn from each of the University's six colleges as you work collaboratively to exchange ideas and to develop new ones.

Prepare for Advising

As first year students in the University Honors Program you should work with your academic advisor to develop a schedule that will allow you to explore and expand your diverse academic interests. Consider taking courses that will enable you to fulfill Core Curriculum requirements as well as classes that will allow you to experience your intended majors and minors. Elective courses are also essential to the development of well-rounded honors students. They provide a wonderful opportunity to consider new subjects and to develop new ways of thinking-two skills that are essential to success in the University Honors Program.

While you are not required to take an honors seminar course during your first year at Butler, many elect to enroll in HN110, Honors First Year Seminar I, during the fall semester and HN111, Honors First Year Seminar II, during the spring semester. This two-semester sequence will allow you to fulfill the Core Curriculum's First Year Seminar (FYS) requirement while also earning credit for one honors seminar. (You must complete both semesters of the course in order to earn credit for one honors seminar.)

You will be able to choose among several different versions of this course, so consult with your academic advisor to determine which version best suits your intellectual interests and schedule. If you decide that you do not want to enroll in HN110-HN111 for any reason, rest assured that you will have plenty of time to complete your seminar requirements by taking HN200 and HN300 seminars throughout your time as an undergraduate student. 

Above all, we encourage you to make your undergraduate experience your own. While it is true that you will need to satisfy certain requirements during your time as an undergraduate student, there are many paths to success. As you register for your first semester of classes, know that the faculty and staff of Butler University and the University Honors Program are dedicated to assisting you to achieve your goals at Butler University and beyond.

Click here for the Honors Program General Information Sheet.