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Exploratory Studies

Welcome to Butler University and the Exploratory Studies Program! We are so excited that you have chosen to begin college exploring your options and being open to finding the academic program that best suits your talents and aspirations. Making an informed decision about your major is an important first step in making the most of your college experience. No doubt you have many interests and want exposure to all that Butler has to offer. Our program is designed to support you through the exploration process as you compare and contrast academic programs. We even hope to introduce you to some new options that you may not have ever considered before!

Placement Exams ~ show information

As an Exploratory student, placement exams may be required depending on the academic areas you plan to explore. As an example, if you are considering a career in health sciences (e.g., medicine or dentistry), you should complete the chemistry placement exam as chemistry classes will likely be in your future. Information provided on the placement exam website explains which placement exams are required for various academic programs.

If you have an interest in continuing your study of a language, it is recommended that you take the appropriate language placement exam.

Prepare for Academic Advising ~ show information

Being open-minded and willing to experience a variety of courses makes choosing classes an adventure, not to mention an effective way to learn about various majors! As an Exploratory student, our advisors look forward to meeting with you one-on-one during the advising appointment to learn more about what interests you, how you like to be challenged, and what strengths you bring to academic endeavors. This conversation will shed light on what types of classes we'll suggest for enrollment and how you can use the Core Curriculum to test the waters of several academic programs. Because this advising conversation is so useful for us in getting to know you as an individual, we encourage you to forgo a lot of course schedule planning prior to arrival. Rather, we'd like to work together during our advising session to craft a schedule that balances Core Curriculum courses with introductory-type classes in the areas you wish to explore.

If you do want to begin the course selection process, here are a few things to keep in mind as an Exploratory Studies student:

  1. All Exploratory Studies students are encouraged to take LC 103-Exploratory Studies. This is a 2-credit hour class designed to guide your major and career exploration. The instructor of the class will be your academic advisor. Go to www.butler.edu/exploratory for a full course description.
  2. We encourage Exploratory Studies students to select a variety of Core Curriculum classes that can introduce areas of study that may not be familiar. Many students have taken Core Curriculum classes which sparked their interest and led to declaring a major or minor.
  3. You might want to enroll in a class that will introduce you to a particular area of study. Some options might include:
    • BI 111- Contemporary Issues in Biology
    • CH 105-General Chemistry
    • CS 142-Introduction to Computer Science & Programming
    • ED 112-Introduction to the Profession of Teaching
    • JR 112-News Writing: Print
    • EI 101-Freshman Business Experience
    • SW 200-Understanding Society (sociology, Core class)
    • SW 250-Psychological Inquiry (psychology, Core class)
  4. The majority of majors at Butler require that you take two semesters of a 200 level course or higher in a foreign language. When you meet with your advisor, he/she will tell you where you placed based on the results of any foreign language placement exams you completed. You can also elect to try a foreign language that you haven't taken before; if you choose to start a new language, you do not need to take a placement exam. Butler offers classes in Spanish, French, German, and Mandarin Chinese.

Don't worry! This may seem overwhelming right now, but through the academic advising process, you will discover the classes that will allow you to create a rich and satisfying academic experience. Your exploration begins with New Student Registration and we look forward to helping you start your academic journey!