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College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences

The following information is made available to assist you in preparing for your New Student Registration day and specifically, your academic advising appointment. In addition to the information here, visit the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences website. Be sure to also read the recommendations on the Prepare for Advising webpages.

Welcome to the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences! We are so happy you are joining the Butler community and look forward to meeting you and your family at New Student Registration. Over the next several years, we will do everything we can to help you develop into a confident and competent healthcare professional. As you prepare for your New Student Registration visit, the following information will help as it is specific to students in the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.

Placement Exams ~ show information

Please take placement exams seriously. Take these exams in a quiet, distraction-free environment, where you can devote 100% of your attention to the exam. Refer to the placement exam pages for more specific information on each exam, including the time limits. We expect students coming into our programs to conduct themselves in professional manner with highest academic integrity. With the exception of a calculator, these exams are to be taken without the assistance to any other tool, resource, or individual.

  • The chemistry placement exams is required for all students coming into the pharmacy or physician assistant (PA) programs. If you do well on this exam, you will have the option, but will not be required, to take a higher level chemistry class (CH107) than our minimum standard (CH105).
  • Foreign language  placement exams are strongly encouraged for all incoming students. In order to enroll an any Spanish, French, or German class at Butler, a placement exam must first be taken. Even if you don't think you will take a foreign language class your first semester, we recommend you take the exam, as the results are valid for 3 semesters. If you have never taken one of these foreign languages and would like to take an introductory level class, you may enroll directly into a 100 level course.
  • The math placement exam is required only if you scored < 26 on the math portion of the ACT or < 640 on the math section of the SAT. If you are required to take this exam, please take it seriously and strive to do well. Of particular note for pre- pharmacy students: of all the placement exams, doing poorly on this exam will have the most significant negative consequences. The results of this exam determine if you can go directly into our required math class (MA 106 calculus and analytical geometry) or if you need to take the introductory precalculus class MA102 before you can progress on to MA 106.

Prepare for Academic Advising ~ show information

During your visit to campus, you will meet with an academic advisor who will help you enroll you in classes for the fall semester. The pharmacy and physician assistant programs are somewhat different from other programs on campus, in that several specific courses are required to be taken in a set sequence. As a first-year student, you have flexibility with many core curriculum courses; however there are specific science and math classes in which you must enroll.

Part of Butler's commitment to excellence includes smaller class sizes, especially in the core curriculum. A course you are interested in may already be full, so it's important to identify a variety options when drafting your potential class schedule. Your faculty advisor will help you with this process, but be prepared to spend time exploring these options PRIOR to New Student Registration.

It is recommended that you start drafting your schedule in the following manner:

1. Choose a CH 105 (chemistry) class and lab. You MUST take a CH 105 lab that goes along with the same CH 105 lecture section number.

  • Your chemistry placement results may allow you to enroll in the more advanced chemistry class, CH 107, if there are still open seats available.
  • If you are taking AP or IB chemistry and achieve a score of 4 or 5 on the AP exam, you will receive credit for CH105. However, you will not have the exam results at the time of registration. Thus, go ahead and register for a CH105 course, then we can drop it if you achieve the required score.
  • In the course search tool, identify the number of open seats available for the chemistry class you desire. If that number is small, identify additional choices.


2. Choose either BI 105 (biology) or your program's required math course.

  • Biology 105 is required for both pre-pharmacy and pre-PA students and offered in both fall and spring semesters.
    • It does not matter which semester you take it, but it needs be taken your freshman year.
    • If you are taking AP or IB biology and achieve a 4 or 5 on the AP exam or a 5-7 on the IB exam, then you may receive credit for BI 105. Since we will not know the results of these exams at the time of registration, we recommend enrolling in your required math course during the fall semester in case you earn credit from the AP or IB biology exam.
  • Math
    • Pre-PA students math requirement: The Statistically Speaking Analytical Reasoning (AR) course is preferred, however any AR course is acceptable.
    • Pre-pharmacy students math requirement: MA106 Calculus and Analytical Geometry (unless math place exam results indicate that MA102 is needed before MA106 can be taken).
      • If you are taking AP calculus and achieve a 4 or 5 on either the Calculus AB or Calculus BC exam, you will receive credit for MA106. We will not know the results of AP exams at the time of registration.
      • You may wish to enroll in BI105 if there is a possibility you may receive credit for MA106 from the AP exam.

3. Core Curriculum

  • Choose several options of a First-Year Seminar (FYS 101) course. All incoming first-year students must take a FYS course.
  • Choose several options from the Areas of Inquiry portion of Butler's required Core curriculum; All students must take or receive credit for Social World (SW), Perspectives in the Creative Arts (PCA), Texts and Ideas (TI), and Physical Wellbeing (PWB) courses.
    • Click here to see what listing of what AP courses may qualify for credit. For example, achieving a 4 or 5 on the AP exam for Psychology will count for the Social World requirement; and a 4 or 5 on the AP exam for English Composition and Literature will qualify for Texts and Ideas. 
  • Pre-pharmacy students only: Enroll in a section of PX 100 Health Sciences Seminar. (Required for all pharmacy students, same material taught in each section.)
  • Electives or other courses of interest: We recommend taking 15-18 credit hours per semester. Some students will have a full schedule with the required coursework. Other students, especially those who have taken many dual-credit classes or achieved 4's and 5's on multiple AP exams, may have space for additional classes. You are encouraged to consider classes that interest you, but are not part of your major of study. Examples may include things like university choir, foreign language classes, dance for non-majors, marching band, etc.
    In addition to the required core curriculum, pharmacy students are required to have 6 credit hours of worth of liberal education electives. Courses that can be used to meet the liberal education elective requirement can be almost any course that is NOT math, science, or pharmacy. These elective courses may be taken at any time during the first 5 years, or may be achieved via AP, dual, or transfer credit.

You can search for classes by using the online course search tool, which will identify the number of open seats in any given class. Note: availability in core classes (those beginning with FYS, SW, PCA, TI, or AR) is controlled each registration session. Immediately before advising sessions begin on each new student registration day, a small number of seats are added to every core course. You may see no open seats when looking the night before. A few seats are added to every core course each registration day, however it is important to identify multiple (approximately 5) choices for FYS and another core class (a SW, PCA, or TI course.)

Prior to coming to campus, complete the pre-PA worksheet or pre-pharmacy worksheet below (depending on your major) and bring it with you. When identifying classes you are interested in, please be sure to note the course's corresponding 4 digit class number. (Located on the top row of the far right hand column in course search, or the top of the far left column in the electronic booklet.)