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50 percent of the U.S. population lives within one day’s drive of Indianapolis.

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Katie 3.16.14

I love being near such a large city like Sydney. I can’t imagine there’s anyway I will see ... Read more

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College of Business

The following information is made available to assist you in preparing for your New Student Registration Day and your academic advising appointment. In addition to the information here, visit the College of Business website and be sure to read the recommendations on the Prepare for Academic Advising website. 

Welcome to the College of Business! We are excited that you have chosen the College of Business for your professional studies. Our mission is to provide an experiential Real Life, Real Business education. To learn more about the College of Business and its undergraduate programs please visit   

The first experiential learning course in the College of Business is the Freshman Business Experience (EI 101). It should be taken in the first year and is offered both fall and spring semesters. If you are involved with any of the following, you are encouraged to enroll in EI 101 during spring semester to minimize schedule conflicts: members of the football team, volleyball team, soccer team, and marching band.  

Business Calculus (MA 125) is required for College of Business students and may be taken in either the fall or spring semester. Students desiring to take a higher level math course may take Calculus and Analytic Geometry (MA 106) in place of MA 125. The placement exam results will determine whether students should take algebra (MA 101) before taking the Business Calculus course (MA 125) or the Calculus and Analytic Geometry course (MA 106). Students who are required to start with MA101 should enroll in the fall semester.

College of Business students are required to complete two internships for academic credit. The Career Development Center will assist you in obtaining internships. The Career Development Center will also assign students to a Career Mentor to help them discover career paths and interests. Learn more about the Career Development Center.