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Butler University offers more than 110 study abroad programs in over 40 countries!

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Why Butler?

If you're looking for an experience at an American university with lots of opportunities for cultural immersion, language practice and travel, take a close look at Butler University. We've hosted international students from 64 countries since 2002.

What are some of the benefits of a Butler University education and our location?

  • Personalized attention from faculty; even though we're a university with six colleges and over 60 programs, your professors will know you by name and help you succeed in your studies
  • Our focus on active learning and pre-professional training, including internships and service learning
  • The broad foundation of a liberal arts education that teaches critical thinking, analysis, and strong communication skills
  • Access to world-class arts and cultural activities in the Indianapolis area
  • Close to an international airport, and within an 3-hour drive of several major cities including Chicago, St. Louis and Cincinnati

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