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Butler offers more than 65 majors, plus the options to design your own.

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Volunteer opportunities are a great way to get involved in the community, make a difference and connect with new people. Butler offers numerous programs for students to lend a helping hand. The Volunteer Center is specifically designed to assist students with individual volunteer placements and coordinates the following annual opportunities:

Volunteerism SoccerVolunteerism BITS

Bulldogs into the Streets (BITS)

Be part of an exciting interactive program for incoming students. Participants volunteer for a few hours at a community service agency in Indianapolis and meet classmates while making an impact on the city and citizens of Indianapolis. For more information Bulldogs into the Streets (BITS).

Ambassadors of Change (AOC)

"Leading to Serve, Serving to Learn, Learning to Lead." A four-day program that focuses on service and leadership development, AOC introduces new Butler freshmen to the campus and community while actively determining ways they can best serve and lead. Ambassadors serve while strengthening relationships with other students. For more information visit Ambassadors of Change (AOC).

Fall Alternative Break

Each year, a work site is chosen and Butler students spend their fall break improving living conditions and impacting the lives of others. In fall 2010, students traveled to Maryville, Tennessee where we they volunteered with a group known as "Once Upon a Time" in Appalachia. As a group, students jumped into discussion of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation and environmental issues in Appalachia. Throughout the week, students visited the Sequoyah Museum, volunteered in the Snowbird Cherokee Community, hiked in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park, and even explored the tunnels of a cave. For more information visit Fall Alternative Break.

Alternative Spring Break

The 2011 Alternative Spring Break (ASB) took place in a more traditional spring break location: Pensacola, FL. Twenty-eight Butler students and three staff advisors worked with Community Collaborations International to rebuild coastal areas, protect wildlife, and give back to the Pensacola community during their seven-day stay. "Students got to experience things that they would never be able to do in their normal everyday life," said staff advisor Julie Pakenham. "I mean building the oyster reefs and helping woodpeckers. All these things that in a student's everyday life of going to class and coming from class, they don't get to experience." For more information visit Alternative Spring Break.