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Butler University's College of Business achieved a 98 percent placement rate in 2013.

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Jordan College of the Arts

The Jordan College of the Arts (JCA) prepares students for careers as performers, art professionals, scholars, arts administrators, and teachers. As a cultural leader in Indianapolis, the Jordan College of the Arts collaborates with professional programs and companies regionally, nationally and internationally. With programs in art + design, arts administration, dance, music, and theatre, we combine nationally recognized conservatory-style programs with a curriculum rich in the liberal arts.

The Jordan College of the Arts Advantage:

  • The all-inclusive arts college with comprehensive conservatory quality training within a liberal arts university
  • Over 450 students representing just over 12 percent of the Butler undergraduate student body - a uniquely high concentration of artists
  • Over 300 on-campus productions every year including performances in spectacular venues ranging from 140 to 2,200 seats
  • Experiential learning from the start, in all aspects of production
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration opportunities
  • Strong local, national, and global partnerships
  • Located in Indianapolis, the 12th largest city in the U.S.; an arts-rich city providing a multitude of opportunities for community engagement
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  • Dance
    • BFA in Dance - Performance
    • BA in Dance - Pedagogy
    • BS in Dance - Arts Administration
  • Art + Design
    • BA in Art + Design
  • Music
    • BA in Music
      • Concentrations or emphasis in jazz studies, music composition, music history, music theory, piano pedagogy, applied music
    • BM in Composition
    • BM in Music Education
    • BM in Performance
    • BS in Arts Administration - Music
    • MM in Music
  • Theatre
    • BA in Theatre
    • BS in Arts Administration - Theatre
  • Arts Administration
    • BS in Arts Administration - General
    • BS in Arts Administration - Music
    • BS in Arts Administration - Theatre
    • BS in Dance - Arts Administration

In addition to submitting an application for admission, intended JCA majors must also complete the JCA application and audition.

For more information, please visit