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College of Education

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In the Butler University College of Education, we practice what we teach. Beginning your first year, you will have ample opportunities to practice the skills you learn including classroom observations and mentoring by master teachers in the community.

You don't have to wait until you student teach to understand what teaching is really about. In fact, by the end of your junior year, you will have logged over 100 hours of classroom experience. Our program mixes theory with practice, so that you get the hands-on experience you need to become a teacher your students will trust and your colleagues will respect.

So, why is a degree from the Butler University College of Education distinctive?

  • We value diversity. You will encounter diverse cultures, values, and beliefs in Indianapolis-area schools. You'll be challenged to examine your own school experience as you learn ways to reach a variety of students. Our students also student-teach in two different educational settings. There's no substitute for this diversity in your portfolio and resume when it comes time for you to look for your first teaching job.
  • We believe in the power of collaboration. Butler University is committed to being an integral part of the Indianapolis community. We have formal and informal partnerships with a variety of area schools, allowing our students to complete their observations, job shadowing, or student teaching requirements in nearby settings.
  • You'll work closely with a master practitioner. This unique advantage means you'll be matched with a teacher from an area school who takes on full teaching and supervisory responsibilities. While you are learning theory in the classroom at Butler, you'll also be learning valuable real-world lessons from a current teacher's perspective.
  • We create opportunities. The connections and relationships you make while at Butler will be invaluable when you enter the job market. Potential employers in the Indianapolis area will know you even before you graduate. The college also prepares you for the interview process through practice interviews, campus interview days and recruiter visits. All of this contributes to the College of Education's 98 percent placement rate for graduates pursuing teaching positions.
  • We work for the common good. The heart of our vision is that we work for schools as they should be, not necessarily as they currently exist. The professors in our college will work with you to research and discover the practices that will make you a successful teacher, and they nurture a passion to always advocate for what is best for children.

Areas of Study

  • Elementary Education (Grades K-6)
  • Middle/Secondary Education (Grades 5-12 with one content area)
    • Content Areas:
      • English
      • Foreign Language: French, German or Spanish
      • Mathematics
      • Science: Life Sciences/Biology, Chemistry, or Physics
      • Social Studies
  • Secondary program may be for all grade licensure in:
    • Music Education (Choral, Instrumental or Area)
    • Physical Education & Health

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