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The undergraduate business program is ranked 51st in the nation by BusinessWeek.

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One University, Six Colleges

Dr. Olujide AkinboAt Butler University, you not only get the academic benefits of a well-established, broad-minded university, but the special expertise of six focused colleges. Students aren't assigned to a college for residential life like at some universities. Instead, the colleges house academic areas, like liberal arts, pharmacy and health, and the fine arts. As a Butler student, you'll have the chance to take classes across all six colleges no matter your major.

Our academic curriculum is based on a core of general education requirements that focus on developing students' skills in critical thinking, writing, reading, speaking, and quantitative analysis across all disciplines. Learn about history in the context of scientific development, or languages in the context of ESL education. It's a structure that allows intellectually inquisitive students to explore to their heart's content, and still graduate with a deep understanding in their chosen subject area.

Most importantly, at Butler we've crafted an education that balances the liberal arts and vocation, deep contemplation with practical thinking, ingenuity and exploration with real-world experiences. It is a place that will prepare you for a lifetime of learning, and a big future beyond the walls of our classrooms.

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