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Butler University is among an elite group of 49 “Best Buy” schools according to the 2012 Fiske Guide to Colleges.

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One University, Six Colleges

Dr. Olujide AkinboButler University is one institution made up of six colleges, each specializing in a specific area. Because of this you have more choices. More majors to choose from, more classes to pick from, more opportunities to create. 

We understand that, while a major is important, it isn't the only topic in which you're interested. Every student has the opportunity to take classes from each college through the core curriculum. Students choose courses from a variety of topics, regardless of their major, and develop critical thinking, writing, reading, speaking, and quantitative skills. The core was built around the skills students need to be successful, both during their time in college and in their careers after graduation. 

The core and your electives allow you the flexibility to pick up double majors or minors in additional areas. Plus, in most cases, you can change your major or study abroad without delaying graduation because the core makes up about a quarter of your coursework, regardless of your major. 

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