Interdisciplinary Studies Programs

At Butler University, interdisciplinary programs offer students the opportunity to bring together their
intellectual interests in a variety of academic disciplines. Students are able to investigate a topic or
issue in the world today from multiple perspectives, study ideas in several academic departments, and draw
on existing disciplinary knowledge and then integrate these approaches.

Engineering Dual Degree (EDDP) - The dual-degree program is a partnership between Butler University and Purdue University. Students earn a BA or BS degree from Butler with a major in biology, chemistry, computer science, economics, mathematics, science/technology/society, or physics, and a degree in engineering from the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology (Indianapolis campus) in biomedical, computer, electrical, energy, mechanical, or motorsports engineering.

Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies - The Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies program offers students an opportunity to question and challenge the power structures that perpetuate privilege and inequality. The major is relevant to professions or graduate studies in public administration, health and human services, the arts, law, medicine, social work, journalism, and social justice.

Individualized Major - Meeting the needs of students whose primary academic interests cut across traditional academic disciplines, this program allows students who have shown interest in cross-disciplinary work to design their own majors. Students may also combine the individualized major with a traditional major or minor.

International Studies - International studies concentrates on the diversity, complexity, and interdependence of the world community. The multidisciplinary program offers students the cultural competency for success in an increasingly complex and global job market, and prepares them for careers in government, international organizations, journalism, international consulting, international business, education, community development, and human rights.

Peace and Conflict Studies - Seeking to promote an understanding of the nature and dynamics of violent conflict and the conditions and practice of peace, this program provides structured study within specific content areas and prepares students for graduate study and careers in policy analysis, government, nongovernmental organizations, journalism, teaching, law, and business.

Science, Technology and Society - This interdisciplinary program studies the ways in which science and technology influence and are influenced by the society of which they are a part. Students gain perspectives and methods of research and problem solving that they can apply in their careers after graduation, including science communication; science, research, and regulatory policy; public health; and graduate studies in medicine, science, and technology.