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Adams, Susan

Assistant Professor - Middle/Secondary Education
College of Education


Jordan Hall - 182B
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Academic/Professional/Personal Focus

Areas of Expertise
English Language Learners/ESL/ENL and Second Language Acquisition; Equity, Diversity and Multicultural Education; Critical Friends Group Coach and National Facilitator; Teacher Consultant for the National Writing Project; Critical Race Theory/Critical Whiteness; Teacher and Faculty Professional Development;

Contributions: (published works or studies, conference presentations)
*indicates peer reviewed Adams, S.R. & Mix, E. (Fall 2014). Taking the lead in faculty development: Teacher educators changing the culture of university faculty development through collaboration. AILACTE Journal*. XI (1), pp. 37-56. Adams, S.R., Brooks, K. and Kandel-Cisco, K. (under review). Professional development in culturally and linguistically diverse schools: What if we have PD upside down and backwards? Multicultural Perspectives*. Adams, S. R., & Buffington-Adams, J. (In production, under contract for September 2015). Teachers getting real on race and pedagogy: Inside job. (K. J. Fasching-Varner, & R. W. Mitchell, Eds.) Lanham, MD: Lexington. Adams, S. R., Brooks, K., & Greene, M. (2014). Using PhotoVoice to empower K-12 teachers and students through authentic literacy engagements. Writing and Pedagogy, 6.3, 649-664. Sheffield, UK: Equinox Publishing. doi:10.1558/wap.v6i3.649 • Brooks, K. and Adams, S.R. (publication pending). Developing agency for advocacy: Collaborative inquiry-focused school change projects as transformative learning for practicing teachers. The New Educator*. New York: The Association of Teacher Educators and City College of New York. • Adams, S.R. (2014) Book review of Engage the creative arts: A framework for sheltering and scaffolding instruction for English language learners (2013), by Sharon Adelman Reyes. Bilingual Basics*, F. Ramos, Editor. April 2014 issue of the TESOL Bilingual Education Interest Section http://newsmanager.commpartners.com/tesolbeis/issues/2014-04-03/10.html • Adams, S.R. (2014). “Learning communities.” In Research Starters. EBSCO Publishing and Golson Media. • Adams, S.R. (2014). “Theory of multiple intelligences.” In Research Starters. EBSCO Publishing and Golson Media. • Adams, S.R. (2014). “Stereotype threat.” In Research Starters. EBSCO Publishing and Golson Media. • Adams, S.R. (Publication pending January 2015). Audacious translation: Learning the double bind to translate Spivak. (G. Huddleston and M. Helmsing, Special Eds.) In development for Critical Literacy: Theories and Practices* for pending special issue. • Adams, S.R. (publication pending). Currere, unexpected Journeys, and unplanned destinations in Academia. (A.T. Kemp and J. Norris, Eds.) For inclusion in The Brock Education Journal*. Issue number, page range, and doi pending. • Adams, S.R. and Helfenbein, R.J. (accepted for inclusion, revisions pending, book under contract for 2015 publication). What we talk about when we talk about love: A duoethnographic exploration of the dissertation relationship. For inclusion in Interdisciplinary reflective practice through duoethnography: Examples for educators. J. Norris and R. Sawyers, (Eds.). Palgrave McMillan. • Adams, S.R. (2013). “Critical literacy.” In Research Starters, Phase II. EBSCO Publishing and Golson Media. • Adams, S. R. (2013). The meaning of race-based professional development: A critical feminist ethnography. Indiana University. Retrieved from Proquest Dissertations and Theses: http://search.proquest.com/docview/1324465698?accountid=9807 (1324465698). • Adams, S.R. & Helfenbein, R. (in revision). Putting the framework to work: An ethnographic exploration of race-based professional development. • Adams, S.R. (2013, March 8). A Review of I Lay Down My Stitches]. The Englewood Review of Books, (Ed. C. Christopher Smith). Available at the Englewood Review of Books site: http://erb.kingdomnow.org/i-lay-my-stitches-down-cynthia-gradymichele-wood-review/ • Adams, S.R. (2013). 2 Headword Sections: “English proficiency/fluent English proficient students” and “Indiana.” In J. Ainsworth & J. G.Golson (Eds.) Sociology of Education*, Sage Publications, persistent link available at https://ezproxy.butler.edu/login?url=http://site.ebrary.com/lib/butler/docDetail.action?docID=10717554 • Adams, S.R. (2013). Having our say: English langauge learners talk back to teachers. In S. Chappell, & C. J. Faltis (Eds.), The arts and emergent bilingual youth: Building critical, creative programs in school and community contexts*. New York: Taylor & Francis, pp. 152-160. • Adams, S. R., & Peterson-Veatch, R. (2012). "Critical friendship" and sustainable change: Creating liminal spaces to experience discomfort together. In J. Faulkner (Ed.), Disrupting pedagogies and teaching the knowledge society: Countering conservative norms with creative approaches* (pp. 32-45). IGI Global. • Adams, S.R. (2012).Trespassing and transgressing: Opening the door and outing my practice. In Boster, D. & Valerio, M. (Eds.), What teaching really means. Omaha, NE: Rogue Faculty Press, pp. 195-198.. • Adams, S.R. & Brooks, K. (2011). Creating Conditions for Transforming Practicing K-12 Mainstream Teachers of English Language Learners. INTESOL Journal,* pp. 7-24. • Adams, S. (2010). The joys and sorrows of teaching high school ESL: Sarangarel's story. In M. Robbins (Ed.), The pressures of teaching: How teachers cope with classroom stress (pp. 87-98). New York: Kaplan Publishing. • Brooks, K., Adams, S. R., & Morita Mullaney, T. (2010). Creating inclusive learning communities for ELL students: Transforming school principals' perspectives. Theory into Practice*, 145-151. • Adams, S. (2009, January). Writing in the ESL classroom: Confessions of a guilty teacher. English Journal*, 98(3), pp. 117-120.

Butler Assignment (classes or work duties)
Butler University Faculty Development Co-Fellow, 2013 to Present College of Education, Middle Secondary Program 2011-Present Project Alianza Director 2007-2011: ED 503 Creating Inclusive Schools for English Language Learners and ESL Methods for Content Area Teachers, Butler University ED112 ED398 ED498 ED423, 425, and 426 Student Teaching Supervision (World Languages and ENL) METL Masters Thesis Supervision International Baccalaureate Graduate Courses


Bachelor of Arts 1985 College of Arts and Sciences, Indiana State University, Terre Haute, Indiana, 1981-1985 Spanish/Secondary Teaching.; Graduate Studies 1985-1988, Indiana State University, School of Graduate Studies, Terre Haute, Indiana. Graduate Assistant and Instructor, Department of Foreign Languages 1985-1986, Master of Arts in Spanish begun, 27 hours completed.; Master of Science 2006 Indiana University, School of Education, Indianapolis and Bloomington, Indiana 2006, Language Education with an emphasis on ESL instruction and Second Language Acquisition.; PhD. 2013 Literacy, Culture and Language with a minor in Writing, School of Education, Indianapolis and Bloomington, Indiana University. Degree conferred February 2013. Dissertation title: The Meaning of Race-based Professional Development: A critical feminist ethnography. Proquest Dissertations and Theses: http://search.proquest.com/docview/1324465698?accountid=9807 (1324465698)

Spanish Teaching Grades 9-12; English as a Second/New Language K-12 • International Baccalaureate Heads of School/IB Coordinators: Implementing the Middle Years Program (MYP) Category 1 completed Spring 2014

Professional Credentials
National Facilitator, School Reform Initiative.; Teacher Consultant, National Writing Project

2014 Association of Liberal Arts Colleges of Teacher of Education (AILACTE) Scholar Award March 2014.; 2012 ATE-I Anne Patterson Paper Award: Whiten Up! An Autobiographical Exploration of the Impact of White ESL Teachers’ Race, Privilege and Positionality on English Language Learners in K-12 School.; IUPUI Educational Enhancement Grant through the Graduate and Professional Student Government, IUPUI.; National Writing Project English Language Learners Network for teacher workshop Summer 2008.

Association Memberships (professional/educational)
American Educational Research Association; Hoosier Writing Project and the National Writing Project; School Reform Initiative; Indiana Council of Teachers of English; National Council of Teachers of English; National Association of Bilingual Educators; Indiana Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (INTESOL); Institute for Language and Education Policy;

Professional Experience
Indianapolis Public Schools, high school ESL Teacher and Instructional Coach; Spanish teacher (various grade levels, school districts); Professional Developer;